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i finally own pixar

So I’ve been thinking, friendlies. You have to have a certain amount of ego to post your life on the internets in the form of bloggeryness. I mean, even if you don’t think of yourself as a particularly narcissistic person (I don’t), there still must be a little bit of that if you think anyone is interested in reading about your daily life.


I mean, I think we call all pretty much agree that daily life is, for the most part, boring. Get up, do whatever it is you do, and then go to bed. AND DON’T YOU JUST HATE THOSE PEOPLE WHO BLOG INCESSENTLY ABOUT THEIR SLEEP TROUBLES?


But anyways. Wanna hear about yesterday?


Well I’m telling you either way.


Yesterday I realized this long summer stretching out ahead of me. You know, now that I’m not getting a job. The reasons for me not getting a job are complex and many-layered, but trust me you would understand if you lived in my family; things are always up in the air, we’re never quite sure what’s going on until it happens. And so now that I’m not getting a job I pretty much have nothing to do. I mean, writing of course, and babysitting if that happens, but other than that… wow.


The future is, like, empty. Which I figure makes it a good time to go over my summer goals and see which ones I can accomplish. Maybe make some amendments over at the Goals page?


In addition to realizing the blankness of the summer ahead, I also got DISNEY-PIXAR MONOPOLY. And you would know how huge this is if you knew the four’s longstanding history with Monopoly. It started one summer a few years before the move, when we played EVERY SINGLE DAY. And it continued. On. And on. And on. And now whenever we get together we just HAVE TO PLAY MONOPOLY and I’ve been saying I’d buy the Disney version forever.


And I finally have.


And Taylor the Lovely beat me at it yesterday, but is that really surprising to anyone? I once played with a friend and I HAD NINE HOTELS and SHE HAD THREE HOUSES… AND SHE WON. Not even kidding.


In any case, the Disney-Pixar version is adorable. The houses are traffic cones! The hotels are barns! You can be Sully or Nemo or Buzz or Mr. Incredible or Remy or Lightning McQueen! All of the properties are places from the movies! You can actually own the Sewers of Paris! Or Andy’s Room! And, yes, I realize I am beginning to sound like a commercial but I LOVE DISNEY-PIXAR MONOPOLY. (Really? Does this really surprise you? I mean it combines two of my favorite things: Pixar and Monopoly. All it needs to make it more awesome is the cone of silence.)


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