Your Smile On Fire

...from the song Xavia

a good night

Last night was my friend’s graduation dinner, which pretty much marked the first time in FOREVER that the Jordyn got out with people. It seems like I did more stuff before the move despite the fact that I now live in a place where you can actually do stuff.


  • I sat and talked with people who, yes, were three years younger than me, but really super nice. Plus I got their phone numbers so maybe we’ll get to hang out again? Honestly, I don’t mind having friends younger than me.
  • I gave my friend her graduation gift, which she told me she loved. A relief. Hopefully she wasn’t lying. Lol.
  • Me and my friend and sister walked down near the beach, up on this really grassy area. The ocean looked absolutely beautiful, like something out of a movie, and I tried to take a picture of it with my phone but the flash turned everything all white and without the flash things were too dark to see. But trust me, it was amazing. I wish I had a picture to show, but maybe it’s the sort of thing where you’d have to be there.
  • I ordered some sort of macaroni and cheese. It was way spicy, but very good.
  • I took pictures of people when they weren’t looking or when they didn’t know. It was way fun.
  • I feel like my friendship with the girl whose dinner it was, the only friendship I really have here, is still just beginning even though we’ve known each other and kindasorta been friends for about two years now. So I’m happy about that and trying to not do anything to screw it up, like I seem to have a pattern of doing to my friendships here.


In any case, I have more things to talk about (like omg, my uncle and cousins are out! Yay!) but that’s all for now, friendlies.


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