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Hello friendlies.


I saw Red at another bookstore today.


Not. Even. Kidding.


Clint and the kids wanted to go to the beach again, so me and Mom dropped them off and then wandered around one of the areas near the beach and found this brilliant bookstore (the one my friend’s mom had wanted to show me when I went to the graduation dinner). It was an indie bookstore, which I loved, because THE PEOPLE HAD ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS!! And so I asked some dude who worked there if they had the book and we found it. I told him I was one of the authors and was hoping to set up some sort of reading there, so he gave me the email for their events coordinator and I’m so excited. Hopefully I can get some more girls out here and make it a more-than-one-person reading/signing if it happens. That would be absofruitly awesome.


(I seem to be saying “absofruitly” a lot lately.)


So that part was awesome, and also it was ironic because what book happens to be right close to Red? THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER PROJECT. Man, that just cracked me up considering the topic of my essay was fighting with my own mom.


Pictorial evidence?

 Also, notice how the book is face out? It was spine out before but after I told the dude I was one of the writers he turned it face out, which I thought was pretty awesome.


And in semi-related news, let me share this story:


I was standing in the teens section of this amazing bookstore and one of the people who worked there came up and asked if I needed help finding anything or if I wanted a recommendation. And after I told him I would love a recommend, the following conversation happened.


him: Well what kind of books do you read?


me: Teen books, but not usually scifi or fantasy. Mainstream stuff I guess.


him: Okay, so like about relationships, that kind of stuff?


me: Yeah.


him: So you’ve probably read The Clique and Gossip Girl then.


me: [only slightly aghast at this insinuation] No. No, no, no.


him: Well that’s good.


Of course, no offense meant to those of you who do like those books but, I’m just not a fan so I thought that was pretty cool.


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