Your Smile On Fire

...from the song Xavia

Yes, I'm That Cool

The plan had been growing in my mind for a while and today I finally bit the bullet: I bought me and Taylor the Lovely digital cameras.


Target. Red Nikon Coolpix (yes, we both have the same color). Yeah, it was a lot of money, especially since I got her one too. But I’m happy.


So happy.

 This is the camera. Well, it’s Tay’s camera… which is exactly like mine.




Haha. I’ll try to do a real post later tonight and will probably be posting pics soon too possibly. So stay tuned.


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Oct. 15 [going to work soon] [two school essays due; majorly nervous about both] [remember when i wrote that short story where the girl said "majorly" every other WORD practically? ha]