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underground penguin league

Okay I really do have something to talk about.


Problem: I can’t figure out how to say it.


Solution: Talk about something else.


Like this picture.


Oh wait.


A bad thing to do when you’re writing a blog post of your own is to go check out MJ’s blog. Because suddenly your mind becomes full of shiny pink Vespas and bunny rabbits and when you finally get back to your own blog you have no idea what you were supposed to be doing there in the first place.


But I think I was talking about frozen penguins. Or something like that.


Anyway, my mom has this Styrofoam cooler. She brought it home from work, so I’m almost afraid to ask what was in it before it came into her possession. My general rule in dealing with this thing is to STAY AWAY. Or, you know, that was the general rule until I saw the sticker on it. The sticker pictured below, the one I had to capture with my camera.

This is the sticker.


My fear is that this sticker, the penguin picture with the red SLASH through it, means DO NOT STORE FROZEN PENGUINS IN THIS THING.


Which worries me, really. Because in order for warnings that come with symbols to be on something, there has to be a need for it, right? I mean those no smoking signs are clearly around to keep people from smoking, and the THIS CUP IS HOT warning on your coffee cup is there because we’re all idiots who don’t realize that coffee might be warmish.


I get that.


But this one just freaks me out. Because really, how many people are going around toting frozen penguins in their Styrofoam coolers? Are there a lot? Is that why they’re on the endangered list? (They are on the endangered list, right? I didn’t just make that up?) Is there an underground league of people who store penguins in these coolers or something? If so, what do they call themselves? And are they for good or for evil?


Obviously the warning sticker would say they’re for evil. Like, these are the people who kill penguins and then sell them on the black market or something.


But maybe this underground league is just horribly misunderstood. Maybe what they really do is rescue penguins and then send them up to the North Pole where they can live in happyness and ice for the rest of their natural lives.


I don’t know about you guys, but I like to think that the Underground Penguin League are the good guys. (The bad guys, obviously, are KAOS.)


**note for redthebook readers... sorry if I sometimes forget to post posts over here. I've only missed a few but it still bugs me.**


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