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camp so-much-better-than-hsm

I’m. So. Tired.


I don’t even know why, but I am.


Also, have you guys seen Camp Rock? Because it is like a zillion times better than stupid High School Musical. I actually really liked this one! Although I still say Disney Channel needs some better dialogue writers because EVERYTHING SOUNDS SO CHEESY. (The embarrassing thing is that I ALMOST BOUGHT THE CAMP ROCK SOUNDTRACK YESTERDAY… and, um, I still might.)


But anyways. I managed to clean my gunked-up CDs last night and now I’ve got the pleasure of listening to a Fountains of Wayne CD that doesn’t skip. So, yay!


But I bet you’re wondering what’s been going on in my life lately.


Well. I’ll tell you.


My dad is still gone. And I still miss him. And then next week my mom jets off to go see him and me and Taylor the Lovely are left to fend for ourselves for two weeks. Although that really isn’t as bad as it sounds; it’s not as if we live in the Artic and have to hunt for our food or anything. It will be fine. It will be fun. I am just a little nervous and scared. I know I’m technically an “adult,” but I don’t feel like it and this is a little nerve-wracking. But it will be fine. We will go see Hancock or something. (I want to see Wall-E too but the little sister says she DOESN’T LIKE PIXAR. What kind of human being IS SHE? Doesn’t like The Beatles, doesn’t want to see Wall-E… how sad.)


I started my new job. Yay! I have income! This is very good news on the Mac front. Also it is not nearly as boring as my last job, so that’s good.


Yesterday I ran into one of the ladies from the writers’ critique group I used to go to. She works at Starbucks and she talked me into coming back to the group this next Thursday. Which is. Um. Well. Let’s see… I don’t mind going back; the group wasn’t particularly helpful to me but I still kind of enjoyed it. However, I quit going way back when. Way back when BEFORE I had my essay published in Red. So I’ll have to tell them about it. And I just don’t know why this is freaking me out so much BUT IT TOTALLY IS. One thing’s for sure: I’m not reading it in front of them. That would be way too embarrassing. It’s one thing to read in front of strangers and friends and another thing entirely to read such a personal piece in front of people I kind-of-but-don’t-really know. Besides that usually when I read it there’s a point where I almost start crying and that’s just not cool. So yeah. Not reading it.


But I am going to try and set up a reading at THE MOST AWESOME BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD (I know, I know, I say that about pretty much every bookstore - what’s your point?) when the paperback comes out. So that’ll be good except it’ll probably just be me and none of the other girls (I don’t think any of them live around here) or Amy (or wonderful editor). Sad sad.


AND OMG I’M WATCHING BROTHERHOOD 2.0 AND THE NEW BOOK IN THE BLURBING BOOK CLUB IS CATCHER IN THE RYE!! Which is awesome because I haven’t done that blurbing book club yet because there hasn’t been a book I cared to read but I LOVE CATCHER IN THE RYE SO MUCH. Also, how awesome would it be to have a copy of Girl at Sea signed by John Green? VERY AWESOME. Probably awesomer than having a copy of one of his own books signed by him. Because I’m weird like that.


Anyway, to sum up: I like Camp Rock, my Fountains of Wayne CD is working, my life currenly involves my new job, my old writing group, Dad being gone, and I want a Maureen Johnson book signed by John Green. (Or a John Green book signed by Maureen Johnson; I’m not picky.)


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