i am soooo tiiiireeddd!!

hello everyone...i usually don't blog but i'm procrastinating and am swamped in school work. never take 4 writing/reading courses + latin. it's awful. it's paper after paper after paper after annotations after readings after translations...then exams. ugh. help. me. i've lost all sense of punctuation or the will to care. i just finished writing a paper on the formal strategies that helped in the clarity of film narrative...then i finished a paper analyzing a i'm writing a paper on the "cinema of attractions" and make an argument between different theories from three film theorists. never go to college. just kidding. but i. am. fried. internship apps are due friday. i'm applying to a bunch in NY and i am nowhere near done changing my cover letters for each place or printing out my resumes and cover letters on fancy paper. then book reading friday, book reading saturday. latin exam monday. 14 annotations due the next week. that's my life in a nutshell at the moment!!



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