so amy keeps mentioning this college essay...

Hello! This time I'm not blogging due to anxiety at 3 in the morning. At the book readings in Birmingham and Dearborn, Amy mentioned how I wrote a second piece that complemented my first essay - it got cut :(  but it's ok. I found it, and here's the opening 2 paragraphs...I didn't like the end of it as much so I didn't paste it :) This is a little outdated, since I'm 19 now and not a freshman in college. I guess I know what I'm doing with my life now too. Enjoy! (Hannah, Sarah, and I must've written this word down 50 times in the past 2 days...along with XOXO hahaa)



So I grew up. I’m in college now, striving to get an education that will one day help me get my dream job – the dream job I haven’t dreamt up yet. And as I’m getting this education, I have to deal and live in an environment that is completely different from the environment I lived in the first eighteen years of my life. Everyday I’m buried with school work and am surrounded by friends, creep-O’s, and stress, and of course - drama. From the moment I roll out of bed to the moment I roll back in, my life seems to be just as crazy as it was in high school…maybe even crazier. 

            Okay, so I lied - I don’t roll out of bed. If I did, I’d fall a whole seven feet and would probably fall head-first to the ground, break my head open, and start bleeding profusely on the really disgusting carpet in my dorm room. Yup, I’d be screwed. Thank the loft-builders for safety rails, right? Every morning I climb out of my loft and down a ladder to get out of bed, only after hitting the snooze button five times on the five alarms I set, grunting “Ugh, I don’t want to get up, ugh…” This is one of the many reasons why I am always late for class - it’s so much work to get out of bed (I’m never going to be a morning person). Being half asleep, I fumble around and wrap myself in my pink towel, put on my flip-flops, grab my shower caddy, room key, and shuffle down the hall to the community bathroom. My eyes are half closed and I hear, “Lisa, why are you always naked? *whistle-whistle*” I forgot to mention that I live in a co-ed hallway…boys are such creep-O’s. After I get out of the shower I take FOREVER trying to figure out what to wear to class, and thoughts fill my head: “What sweatpants should I wear? Should I wear the sweatshirt I wore to bed or the only one that’s still clean? Maybe I’ll dress up…haha! NOT. Hmm…I wonder if I should roll up my sweatpants today…it’s kind of nice outside. No, wait…I haven’t shaved my legs in 3 weeks…”


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