i think i'm going to start blogging more

I think I just might do this more often. I mean, I might as well since I'm procrastinating like no other. So, how is everyone? Anyone watch American Idol? I don't. I don't really watch TV too much anymore - I did watch an episode of Zoey101 just for kicks while I was eating a cup-o-Ramen. I can't believe whats-her-face is pregnant. It's kind of old news, but it's so sad. Poor girl. I can't help but have sympathy for her, because I heard she was on birth control. Maybe that's not true. But I still feel bad because 16-year-olds get pregnant everyday...but whats-her-face is on the cover of every magazine. Jamie Lynn! That's her name.

 Oh, about American Idol...I don't watch it but I did Youtube "American Idol" one day, and I'm IN LOVE with one of the guys that got kicked off the show really early...Josiah Leming. Anyone like him too? He was awful on AI but his videos on Youtube are soooo sooo good. He writes his own songs and composes them on the piano. So good. Don't know how else to explain it. I think it's his passion when he sings that gets to me. My favorites are "Her," "One Last Song," "Cigar," and "Bad News Baby." Youtube him!!! 

 I think I should get back to my work, since I'm 2 weeks behind in film theory. I'm not a very good role model. 

Speaking of, I wonder if any of the film/television companies I applied to for internships this summer have looked at this blog. I guess I don't have anything to worry about except for the fact that I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to school. *Sigh* I swear I'm not lazy at jobs!!! I'm very good worker...just not when it comes to reading theory...



jordynt said:

I heart American Idol!! Haha it's the one show my whole family watches together.

And yes you should definitely start blogging more. I'm like the blog hog... I'll have like four posts on the homepage and then there'll be one that isn't me. Haha I'm so addicted to blogging.

March 17, 2008 9:34 PM