July 2008 - Posts

  • I miss turning on the TV and having to channel surf immediately from the New York 1 station.

    Still, all in all I realized I’m having a really good summer. School’s almost out and I’m this close to vacationing in my beloved NYC. But California wasn’t as bad as I expected. I spent most weekdays living in San Francisco hotels to be closer to school and hanging out with my one and only friend. He also happens to be my boyfriend and who wouldn’t want a private summer getaway in the city with their boyfriend? It’s a pretty nice life.

    The work wasn’t bad either. My Art looks better than ever, my blog is suffering a bit, but I’m still writing for a creative non-fiction course.


    Sorry, there’s always more to say. But I don’t have time quite yet. Just know I’m happy. And after four years of terrible high school summers, I’ve finally had a good one. Adolescence is really hard but it gets better- life becomes much less conflicting. People don’t have to feel like that for the rest of their lives.


  • I couldn’t go all of July without a single blog post!!

     I want to let my extensive following know that I’m doing really well. I’m writing, making art, and catching up on all the credits I withdrew from during first semester. I’ll have sophomore standing by the time I start school in August.   I’m working on some long term projects… hopefully… I just haven’t had tons of revelations I feel inclined to share.  I’m in a relationship now, but still few prolific words of wisdom. I have learned a lot, I think, about myself and my interpersonal skills. But I still have yet to articulate them fully. But here’s a taste of the post pubescent psycho Babel referred to in Charlie Bartlett:   Revealing and guarding yourself can be a tricky balancing act. And sometimes it’s beneficial to go with the more counter intuitive route. As much as I scream at the top of my lungs that me, in all my quirks and abrasive remarks, is worthy of affection. There are two people in a relationship. And if I expect a person to act counter intuitively, to listen and be open minded to ideas and experiences that he or she is not comfortable with, than shouldn’t I be willing to act counter-intuitively too?    


           I think a lot of entering relationships has to with proximity and the right set of circumstances. But as much as I would like to believe in uncensored expression- there is a malleable, but still present social standard. I think at some point everyone realizes that no one is quite the person they readily expose, but never the less what one chooses to expose says something about their true character. It’s complicated… I’ll try to figure it out later. Right now I have more work to do.


    Until next time

    Ahh... I just realized I have so many unfinished blogs to post.