August 2008 - Posts

  • In love and war



    Not careless feuds weaved jaggedly through,

    But sadness entrapped by a differing view

    That could be love’s plight to surface- lodged by abrasions.

    Emotions rumble and pang under doubt’s hesitations.


    Standards and roles muddy his lens

    So I’m bound by ideals and these cultural trends.

    And asserting my wrongs seems wholly impure

    When it hurts to stand up for a self that’s unsure.

    But to not stand at all, just hurts even more


    Insecurities affirmed and I’m torn when insulted,

    Condemn or avow this self that resulted?

    Still I believe- as one small earthbound creature

    That bruises within are a man’s greatest feature


    A girl sullied in filth, a hell-fallen whore

    Who’s disgraced and defaced, loved never before

    Yes her heart is still fragile; her flesh soft to the touch

    She bears her burdens yet for you him it’s too much.

     He bites through her lips still Truth never dies

    The girl that man loves, is the one men despise

    And to similar greed she is victim as well

    Fending apathy cast by the cultural spell:

    No empathy due for a girl of that sort!

    -But she’s angry too and her temper’s as short

    Like her, his breed’s damned, unable to court:

    He’s the self centered man who judges for sport.


    Inflated egos plague this elitist male sex!

    Sorting reason from treason make this battle complex

    Impassionate touching; shivered unsanctioned truth

    For we hurt when exposing the scars of our youth


    We fight to be worthy; choices rightfully made

    We prove and we prove in concealed masquerade

    Being judged makes me riled, and its ironic defense

    Is condemn twice as hard on judgmental pretence


    If I beg to be studied then I must do the same

    For existence of tension will not yield to blame

    I will prod at your boundaries with privilege we share

    And you have license to mine-

     As in love all is fair