October 2008 - Posts

  • Top Secret

    Shhh. Don’t tell anyone but I’m eighteen and I don’t know anything about politics. I just… I’m sorry, I’m just not very interested. When I hear the candedites speak, granted that hasn’t been too often, it seems like vageuly elequent retorical hurrahs- not much information. And any information given is dispensed with the assumption that the audience is clued in. Maybe I’m the only one who notices because I’m the only one without a clue.  But forgive my ignorence, It’s just I have troubling seeing what a president does for a country when I don’t formostly live in one. I live in a state, in a city, in a community, on a college campus (One that happens to be holding the Vice Presedential debates). I don’t really watch much tv but the problems that Polititians often speak of, poverty, healthcare, debt, school safety, evironmental issues, are very well cared for by the local college groups and alumni. My Life is pretty cushy and I’m fairly sertain the president of the united states has very little to do with that. I know that there are many less fortunate than I but don’t people’s needs vary from community to community? I guess what I’m saying is that I find it very difficult to believe that one guy in the white house can really have a profound positive impact on the lives of millions. I think really the best thing he or she  could do is not screw our lives up. I like the canditate who looks like they will maintain peace with other countries, spend as little money as possible,and pass laws to further articulate the terms of safety and justice in an advancing soiciety. I really think there is little more that one could do in order to contribute to masses of people with very different needs. I take that back, I think the president would make a good supervisor and is need to shaporone  the other poloticians to make sure they are taking good care of their comminities…. Am I really supposed to vote for the person I think will screw up the least?

    Sorry if my ignorence has grossly offended anyone. I’m seriously very interested in any insight that might enlighten.