December 2007 - Posts

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    Yesterday Hannah and I were at home and we were hungry and the kitchen had no food in it. So we drove to the bank then went to breakfast. Hannah has been complaining that she hasn't bought a single christmas present for anyone, therefore I should drive her to Kmart. We attempted to navigate our way to Kmart and got lost on the highway, I was pretty sure we were headed for chicago or something. But I exited and made some crazy turning decisions and magically we ended up at the mall! Woohoo, yea we got lucky. But but went to target instead and She was going to get me a pretty seat cover for my car, it was only like $20. Then we continued browsing to find what my mom or dad would like. We first stopped at a dartboard and we were like "yea we should buy that for dad!" but then we kept walking and we came upon a Ping Pong table that was on sale for $110. We stood there for almost 20 minutes proclaiming to each other why we should buy it because our dad loves ping pong and it was actually his birthday that day too. So we pull out every dollar and gift card we had to see if it added up. It was hilarious because after all the money was accounted for we ended up being 2 freaking dollars short!

    But I quickly drove home and got my last gift card for target and came back. It was an amazing deal because all the gift cards we had added up to a wopping $71 dollars which knocked the price down to only $45 that we had to pay out of our own money! which is a crazy deal for a regulation ping pong table. The only car we had at the time was my little blue two seater cabrio. BUT, it is convertible so we took the top down and the guys that loaded it into the car for us laughed because it was about 35 degrees outside and we were going to drive with the top open. haha. On the way to the christmas party at the golf course we gave many other drivers a good laugh I like to believe. Well we got there and brought our dad outside to show him and he freaked!  He loved it and was amazed that we bought him such an extravagant gift. We bascially have nowhere to put it expept in the garage and since it is the dead of winter we won't get to play it much haha.But when spring and summer come it will be a blast. Hannah and I definately get the Best Daughters award. It was the most spontaneous thing we've done in a while. Instead of a lame card we dropped the big bucks for a ping pong table. we rule ;)

  • This is a boring entry, don't read if you're looking for excitement ;)

    This was the longest week I've had in a while. I had to worry all week about making up my math test because there are so many steps involved with it. You basically have to do about 4 items of practice over the stuff you missed untill it is drilled into your brain and you end up having nightmares about it. Oh yea, math dreams? Been there, done that. 

    Then yesterday (friday), I had a physics test and Another Math test. And they may not seem like a big deal, but tests in math and physics are very rare. We've been in school for 3 or 4 months and have only had 2 physics test and 3 math tests. And I had both of them in the 1st and 2nd hours of school, so I felt like crying after because I was stressed out and I know I didn't do very well on math which will lead me into having to kill myself over retaking it. hehe

    But after school my friend came over and we chilled and watched movies. Her boyfriend came over then and we all chilled some more and then went to his house. I called Colton and he came over a bit later. He's cute, we all sat on the floor of Jon's house and talked, joked, and conforted each other. It was getting late and jon kicked us out around 11, so colton drove Hannah and I home and he came in and we hung out on the couch till Midnight. I'm glad he and I got back together. We first dated in 9th grade but it was weird because neither of us could drive so we couldn't actually "go out". We stayed friends for sophmore year and once junior year started we began liking each other again. And now we're very happy together, and we have a lot of fun. We see movies, have dinner, be with friends, he went up to Ann Arbor with Han, Mere, and I. Hannah doesn't like him though. It's weird but we've been friends since 7th grade and now that I'm dating him again Hannah is constantly putting him down and telling me he isn't good enough for me. I honestly do not understand, he is such a great boyfriend, he's nice, funny, charming, and handsome. I ask her why she doesn't like him and she doesn't ever have a good reason. I know what you're thinking, "She's probably jealous" but I know her and that isn;t it. I did date a guy before Colton during the summer and he was really a bad boyfriend but hannah never put him down. Now I find a guy I'm truly happy to be with and Hannah doesn't understand that. She's pretty mean to him, she tells him how horrible she thinks he is to his face! Poor colton, thanks for putting up with her.