January 2008 - Posts

  • This is my Title

    So we just had finals week in school. I'm glad it's over and I'm surprised how relaxed I was through it all. The New semester starts tomorrow, we have a half day. I'm worried about that. We get our new schedules in 1st hour and first semester was a brilliant time for me. I had difficult classes (all honors and AP) but the combination of teachers and class times that I had was the best thing I could have ever asked for. I had such a schedule, where I did the least amount of homework possible, it was awesome. I had 4 out of 6 teachers that never gave homework (or difficult hw). THEN, the classes which I did have homework in and were more difficult, such as AP History, I had as my last class of the day. That allowed me to come into school the next day, and throughout the course of school, do the homework for that class. I also had all day to study for tests and life was good.


    I'm worried now. I already know about getting a new teacher that gives homework. I am also worried that my history class will be moved to an earlier time in the day which will definately bring my grade down. I'm also worried about changing math teachers because my math teacher is great- she assigns homework, but never checks it to make sure it is done. In conclusion, I hope my teachers don't change and that history is my last hour still.


    Secondly--->Hannah and I are doing our RED readings in like 3 days. I'm freaking out! I'm so nervous because I'm kind of embarrased by my essay at this point. Really, reading it in front of strangers is very different from strangers reading it themselves. Cause now you're face to face and you get to witness how they react to your story. And I'm just getting a over a cold and I don't want to sound all nasally. haha. I'll have friends there to support me. I'll just place my friend meredith right in front of me and I can pretend I'm reading it just to her. But I know I'll be very shaky and nervous.


    I go to SPAIN in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me happy. :) there will definately be a long update and such with pictures and stories. yay