February 2008 - Posts

  • I´m in Spain!

                Hey everyone! Guess where I am? If you cant already tell by the title, I´m in an internet cafe in Madrid, Spain! OH yea, that´s cool. We got on the plane, and it took about 8 hours to get there! It took forever. I was sitting there and bored out of my mind after thinking we might be close, so I asked how much longer we had to go and my teacher said we still had 5 more hours. haha But the plane had tv screens on every person´s chair so I watched Across the Universe and Mr. Magorium´s wonder Emporium. There was another small group on our plane going to Italy and the guys in the group were quite attractive, a bunch of people in my group made friends with them and they all partied. They were loud and all over the back of the plane, so I was kind of embarrased to be a teenager at that time because i´m sure they were annoying all the people around. The plane served some small mean, with bread and cheese.

    We arrived in Germany where the time difference is like 6 hours so it was just turning morning while back at home it was night. We had a 4 hour delay and I was so tired by then because I hadn´t have sleep for about 14 hours.  The conection flight was 3 hours and i got some sleep. We got to Madrid where it was 1 p.m. so we had the whole day ahead of us. We had dinner where they served us bread and cheese. We went to a museum. Got to the hotel and it had been about 23 hours since i had last slept, i was out within seconds of lying down. Woke up and had a continental breakfast...more bread. We went to the royal palace and on the way to have lunch a girl in our group was pickpocketed, lost about 80 euro. um...I am running out of time here. We leave for Granada tomorrow, ill update in a few days!