Gaia Scholarship

This is a short, almost 200 word essay I wrote for a college scholarship. The question was, "What do you love, and how do (or will) your actions demonstrate this.

my response:

 I love people, experience, and adventure. New horizons and opportunies are out there in the world and simply staying in one place will not get me there. I wish to absorb everything life has to offer. I aspire to break the mold of the "American Dream," that pursues fame, fortune, and power. I would trade that in any day to pursue culture and understanding.
         I hope to spend my days traveling the world. There are people out there that have so much to offer me, but right now I can only dream of being able to give something back.
        With a backpack, camera, and journal, I hope to one day set off on a journey to gather experience. I'd mingle with the tribes of the amazon, stand in the harsh hurricanes of the caribbean, and wonder about every wonder of the world.
       To the people that live their lives so differently, I hope to be with them. While I can simply give them company and understanding, they can give me so much more. Language, life, culture, and experience they openly share with anyone willing to listen. I am here to listen.


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