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gmail is a tricksy thing

gmail advert says, 'this is new york city' (another one says 'maltese puppies for sale' :|).

SO. At this moment in time, RED author Amy H and I are sitting here, in Amy Goldwasser's office, contemplating getting ready for the RED party and also 'borrowing' Amy G's music. We've already had bagels with her, and used her computer (well. I have) and met her cats.

 THIS is so cool.

In the airport we left from, there was this really cute guy in line for tickets right behind us, and we conversated about carryons before he went off to CHICAGO (how lame; he should have gone to NYC, too, and sat next to one of us on the flight).  


I actually don't have all that much to say. It's super exciting to be here, and I keep having these like. These moments of realization, that this is ~*really happening*~, and it's happening now, and it's happening to me, but I'm also kind of tired after very little sleep last night (our flight left at 6:00 am, and we simply ~*had*~ to watch Gossip Girl before going to bed (Blair/Chuck OTP? I think so.)) and kind of onion-breathed from breakfast. So I think I'm going to take a nap and, like, get stoked. I don't even know.


I look forward to seeing 34 (33, technically, because Amy H is here with me now) of the other authors at the party tonight! I simply cannot wait.


dflgjh this is such a lame post. I fail at blogging. 



jordynt said:

OMG you already met Amy Goldwasser?

Very lucky!!

Me and my mom have been... well... basically just mucking around. I got a jacket/sweater thing and Mom's getting ready for tonight now. I should actually start getting ready too.

But the earlier I get ready, the sooner I'll be done getting ready and still waiting for her to be done.

November 15, 2007 11:49 AM