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gmail is a tricksy thing

gmail advert says, "SASKIA IS FEELING RATHER PROLIFIC LATELY" (no, really)

 I read somewhere once that there are two huge milestones in the average teenager's life: sex and driving. I have pretty much no experience with the former, but as for the latter...

Today I took the Graduated Licensing thing that my state requires. It took four hours for me to learn that drinking and driving is a bad thing, apparently. Mostly my thoughts wandered off after hearing about Blood Alcohol Contents for half an hour, mostly to random other trivial things.

HOWEVER. I did learn things! On my way back home, I learned to stop for a fireSUV (it was NOT a fireTRUCK, how odd) and a police car (INCOGNITO police car, I might add. I didn't notice it had those lights until they started flashing), and I learned to not drink and drive.

Not that I would.

ANYHOW. The guy who taught the class was my old AP Spanish teacher, so I pimped RED out to him (gave him a business card, y0) and went home, fully content that I won't lose my license in four weeks due to not taking this class.

On my driveway, I recognized that I back up like a drunk person, though, weaving all over all sides of the driveway. I DID manage to pull into the garage, with both my dad's van in the driveway and my mom's car in the garage, which I've never done before, though. And this was after a week and a half of not driving (the truck was in the shop right before I went to New York) (I drive a truck. Chevrolet, if you were wondering) (this is very important to me as a person).


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