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gmail is a tricksy thing

gmail advert trying to sell 80s tshirts.

Yes, I'm in school. I'm also at lunch now, so I'm not breaking any BIG HUGE RULES by doing this or anything.

...I just wanted to be able to say I've posted at school, actually. Because I'm lame like that! (I was also tempted to make a tag with my NAME ON IT so that it could seem like I was really popular with all the authors, because I planned on posting frequently with that tag so it would become one of the top ones, but that's just more lameness. Um)

I would like to observe that '<3' on gtalk pretty much makes up for any lack of y!m emoticons on school computers. On any computer, actually (speaking of computers, mine has a zillion viruses or so. It's pretty traumatic and upsetting).

Oh hi another pointless post! Mostly this is heads-up for a superlong one about my entire time in NYC, to go up soonish? I don't even know. I just. You know. It's that rebel deal, or whatever.




amyh said:

I am reading it!! :P

November 19, 2007 2:41 PM