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gmail is a tricksy thing

gmail adverts are trying to explain why women reject men.

Exciting story of the year -- yesterday, a lit candle fell on my head! I got wax all in my hair, burned my scalp, was hit by the candlestick, and (according to my sister) actually cussed, which is something I, like, never do. One of my favorite shirts, ever, became a Casualty Of Candle. So woeful. :(


It took, like, two tablespoons of olive oil and a LOT of hot water (my poor scalp :() to get the wax out of my hair, and after shampooing about ten times in the shower this morning, my hair is still woefully oily. PUTTING OIL IN MY HAIR, WILLINGLY, WAS ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS I'VE DONE IN AWHILE. (Maybe it would have all come out, but I couldn't use my right hand at ALL to wash my hair, on account of a horrid horrid papercut right at the base of my thumb, you know, kind of paralell to that webbing people have between fingers? yeah).


 But I'm okay! Near-death experience aside, I was only moderately dazed by the crash of the candle and the hot wax going all down my left side. Oh, yes. How thrilling.


True story, ladies: putting a wax/olive oil duo in your hair makes it really kind of soft, shapable... and easily tangled. Woe. Maybe I should have used my leave-in conditioner anyway. Hmm.



Am off to the Wilderness for the next few days! No computers or cell phone service (there will be TV, but we all know how I feel about that, yeah? ;) ). I'm really exited about this, actually! I plan on finishing reading Crime and Punishment, which I have to read by about mid-January for my English class.


Hope that everyone has had a lovely holiday so far. ♥


(ps, forgive misspellings -- I no longer have a built-in spellcheck, on account of firefox killing itself on this computer.)



amyh said:

Even though the wax was painful, your hair was quite stylish-looking ;) :P

December 28, 2007 6:45 AM