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gmail is a tricksy thing

gmail says, "why not sleep with him?". I wonder, "who's him?"

So this is cool:




I'm never up this late. Why am I up so late? I'm up because I took an hour-long proper bath instead of going to bed when I usually do. Yeah. Note to self: those wake you up a bit.


So yesterday I watched the last twenty minutes or so of Shawn of the Dead. Today, I watched a bit of the remake of Dawn of the Dead  (the first half-hour and various bits after that) and then read about zombie apocalypses, the -Dead series of movies, and stuff about the 100 Greatest Horror Movies


This is the kind of person I am:  I get freaked out by reading about horror movies. Watching them, too, but, okay, getting freaked out reading about zombie movies and stuff? Once, I got terrified watching a documentary on the Dead Teenager Movies subgenre (which was followed by a behind-the-scenes footage thing on Final Destination 3. SPOILER ALERT: the blood and guts that spatter everyone when someone dies? Totally made up of bananas and strawberries). I mean. I love me some Final Destination trilogy -- don't even ask why because I have no earthly idea why those movies, of all the gory horrible horror movies out there, strike my fancy. Okay, watching Sweeny Todd -- obvious fake blood, a musical -- made me sick to my stomach. Watching Die Hard made me unable to stomach violence in movies for almost two years. I'm the person who wigged out over the Halloween episodes of Suite Life and Phil of the Future (I don't watch Disney channel anymore. Not because of those episodes, but because the Jonas Brothers plague me. As does Hannah Montana. I love Miley Cyrus to death -- shhh, don't tell, guilty pleasure, adore her songs -- but Hannah Montana gives me the heebie-jeebies. So I avoid them whenever possible), for crying out loud. I'm a thriller kind of girl (love most of the Hitchcock I've seen, even though Vertigo creeped me out for days, love Red Eye, though that might just be the aesthetically pleasing nature of the cast, love Cruel Intentions. Shut up, it's totally a thriller. IN THE PANTS. um, I don't even know), hate the gore, get freaked out at stuff like the whole middle part of Ratatouille. But I can't get enough of the Final Destinations. Yes, they creep me out. Yes, I could watch them again and again and again. I don't even know. I'm also good with Jaws, three quarters of Jurassic Park, and the second half of Silence of the Lambs (though, granted, I've never seen that one all the way through in one sitting. I've never even seen the first half. Maybe I should rectify this?), but. Maybe it's something about frighteningly cheery kids shows (and movies!) characters, except that doesn't explain the other horror movies that freak me out. 


I'm working on this.  


You want to know one of the scariest movies I've ever seen? I saw it at GSP last year. Remembered it randomly today when I was reading the wiki article on The Others (never have seen, probably never will see). It's called  The Spirit of the Beehive and apparently (according to wikipedia, which we all know is a paradigm of truth) has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.Yes, I am too lazy to verify that for myself. But oh my god apparently it's not supposed to be anything like suspense or anything? But dudes, it totally freaked me out and I even slept through the first twenty minutes of it! Suddenly there were shadows and men in abandoned farmhouses and NOT IN THE HOT WAY, OKAY, AND I'M NOT A TOTALLY SHALLOW PERSON (shush) BUT I AM A FAN OF MEN BEING IN A HOT WAY IN MOVIES. Just ask my AP Euro class last year. And my Micro class (I think), but I don't have documentation of that one. Um, I digress. So it wasn't in the hot 'I'll make love to the camera with my eyes and my gorgeous shirtless body which makes the UTTER TERROR of some movies very slightly okay!' way. And apparently it wasn't meant to be in the utter terror way, either! Just in a. Way. BUT OKAY, IT WAS TERRIFYING. Maybe it was terrifying because it was so like Quality Literature: totally incomprehensible to pretty much everyone who watched it. I'll admit: I didn't understand an iota of it (probably because I'd been asleep). For the most part, anyway. BUT STILL. Terrifying. Terror-inducing. REALLY REALLY SCARY. I  want to watch it again.



In reference to my last post: I'm coping, and I'm doing a far sight better at it now that time has gone by. Going on a new vacation in a week! Terribly exciting. Less exciting is the fact that I have to finish all my summer stuff (I say that as if it's a lot, but really, it's just reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which I'm halfway done with, and writing an essay about it. And taking a placement test) for Kalamazoo before I go, 'cause it's all due while I'm gone. Speaking of K: can't wait to find out who my roommate is!



In other news, I've been watching The O.C. for the first time in my life (shut up). Ben McKenzie's upper arms, please never change. Actually, please commence showcasing yourselves in  wifebeaters, always and forever, effective immediately. That'd be nice. I don't even mind if it's always just on screen and I never come across you in a ninja attack of bicep-stroking and bear hugs (which I also wouldn't be opposed to). You're quality enough to put the rest of Ben McKenzie on my List. Not quite sure what the List is, yet, but it's got a very appropriate smattering of people including Ethan Hawke (especially with longish hair), Michael Cassidy (especially with shortish hair), WILLIAM MOSELEY THE ETERNALLY GORGEOUS, Chace Crawford (duh), and Reese Witherspoon (who should be on every list ever. As long as they're good. And I'm pretty sure that this list isn't a bad list). And lots more, but those are at the top.  I'm going to end this post anticlimatically... now.


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