Your Smile On Fire

...from the song Xavia

in which the jordyn is an idiot

So I was sitting at the counter eating a grilled cheese and reading What Happens Here, and my dad was putting on his shoes and we had a conversation that went like this.


Me: Where’re you going?


Dad: I’m going to buy some new shoes and then I’m thinking I’ll try to find a pizza plane, and I should go out and do some jeps but I’m not feeling too motivated.


Me: Ah. Well have fun with that.


Pizza plane: (n) A type of radio controlled airplane that, yes, resembles a pizza.


Jeps: (n) Um… how to describe this… um… airplane flight log stuff. Paperwork for pilots? Something like that. I swear I know what it is I’m just not all that good at describing it.




Also, dear friendlies, I need some help. I have been putting this off for a long time and now… well, now I’m kind of getting tired of avoiding it.


You remember a while back when I gave up reading and writing for two weeks? Yeah. Well. During that time I decided that I needed something to do with the time I would normally spend doing that stuff and so I took up photography.


It was fun. But seriously I don’t have the patience or the creativity to be a photographer.


Still, I took some nice pictures. And then I took a pretty stupid one.


You see? Do you see that? Do you see my stupidity?




Okay well let me explain it. In order to take the picture I used this double-sided sticky stuff, that you’re supposed to use for scrapbooking, to get the CDs to stay on the guitar. Erm, duh, Idiot Alert. After many hours I managed to get the gunk off of one of the CDs (the newest and probably bestest one, Kate Voegele), but the others are still messed up.


And so I am wondering, does anyone know a good and safe way to get sticky stuff of of CDs? Because these are four of my favorite CDs potentially ruined. (In case you’re wondering; Feist, KT Tunstall, Sara Bareilles, and Fountains of Wayne.)


So, um, halp me? Puhleeeze? If you have any ideas at all? Would rubbing alcohol work or would it ruin them? Because I’m pretty sure nail polish remover would ruin them. That stuff is lethal. And what about getting them resurfaced? Would that be my best bet or would it even help?


You see, friendlies? This is what happens when I quit writing - I end up being an idiot.


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