When I’m bored/lonely I write sad poems about existence. Enjoy.



The Simple truth (Inspired by Jose Ortega y Gasset)


Knowledge keeps us company in this long and drawn out drama

Who could regard existence but with tremors from the trauma?

Inside there is soft emptiness, slow note by note vibrations

Grasped firmly by sweet stimuli, distractions through sensations


And every soul and aching heart lives soundly in illusions

In balanced vessels on the shores, at rest with no intrusions

Light breezes circle in and out, provoking new direction

Waters stir by unannounced soon filter through detection


Like soldiers we march proudly on so faithful in our training

It’s all the same in narrow view; when shining or when raining

Until the tender kiss of death, time keeps on not to wallow

We’re told we should feel potency, yet all we feel is hollow


Nothing surged like nothingness, a paradox so bitter

And what was gold was overlooked in foresight did not glitter

We wonder next if fate’s so bleak; how can it be idealized?

What is betrayal if not a covered lie too late when realized?


While Inquiry quakes ignorance we struggle with engagement

 Muscles doubt the memory of our previous arrangement

Enamel wears tenaciously and the paint begins to chip

Yet the violinist still plays on aboard the sinking ship


In tragic ruthless glance is our search for which to cling

The longer we halt destiny the more severe the sting

A question of salvation now devoid a programmed path

Master of the rising tide or victim to its wrath


Heroic is this voyage, in innocence set sail

Those trampled by awareness hale from fallacies too frail

The knowledge we call refuge is unique to each his own

But the hunt is what sustains us in the moments left alone




jordynt said:

Rhyming again!

My poems never rhyme.

January 2, 2008 4:45 PM

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