I like this blog


Here I can remember that I’m alive, make sense of my mental and physical circumstance and offer myself to something or someone else out there: All without having to decorate my tone or phrasing to coax some defensive, condescending, skeptic into listening. In this machine, I don’t have to defend my intentions or exercise caution to limit evocation of negative judgment. I can be my biological-biosocial self, character flaws and all, without the burden of bending according to the consequent reactions I perceive. As far as the eye can see, I’m sharing with everybody; faceless, singular, and impersonal much like nobody. And while my brain embraces this analogous absence of social anxiety, it is still infused with the alleviation of secrecy and privacy. In other words I still receive the liberation that comes with sharing. This is my liberation, my full expression of self. And here I cannot cause many abrasions in my immediate surroundings consisting of fellow humans, all of whom are as guarded, selfish, and self-centered as me.

Lesson of the day: Do not rush to polarize ambiguity; it exists intentionally. Without complications, living is only a series of facts.



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