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  • The Hardest Summer

    Last week was my last week of high school, and I graduated this past Monday. It was incredibly bittersweet: I was so excited for school to finally, finally be over — but at the same time, I realized that it was the end. I can be one of those kids who complains on and on about high school, what a drag...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 06-06-2008
  • Four more days.

    Last week, I voted for the first time. It was wonderful, ah! I had a bit of a crisis in the voting booth, as John Edwards was still on the ballot and I really, really wanted to vote for him — but I held back and decided that my vote should go towards a candidate who is actually still in the race. So...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 05-25-2008
  • Enough with the snow days already!

    Seriously, we have another snow day today. A one- or two-hour delay, I might have been okay with. But a snow day?! It doesn't look like the roads are even that bad! And as far as I know, all we got was snow — not our usual ice. Ugh! At this rate, I'm not going to graduate before June (and definitely...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 02-27-2008
  • I love how weird I get, haha.

    Since we finished Crime and Punishment , I've developed a much more serene attitude. Perhaps it's because our next unit is poetry, meaning we don't have to read any novels until after spring break! It most likely has a lot to do with the fact that I can now read whatever I do so desire. I...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 02-06-2008
  • Grades: I should probably feel more upset, but I'm surprisingly content.

    So yes, today I spent basically the entire day at Third Street Stuff, the local quirky coffee shop, with Saskia. We did homework, read, etc. I finished The Town And The City — by Jack Kerouac, which kind of disappointed me as I expected this epic wonderful thing and instead, about a third of the way...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 01-05-2008
  • On idealism, mottos, and happy

    At the beginning of last semester, I adopted a motto: "Suck it up and DEAL!" Vincent and I seem to like this a lot. But it's true: get over the drama and the hate and the negativity. Just live, roll with the punches, accept life as it is. Funny how this motto has actually followed me throughout...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 01-03-2008
  • So. Freaking. TIRED.

    Man. I haven't blogged in a bit, now have I? We've had tests basically every day in English this week. Practice AP multiple choice on Monday, test on three memorized poems on Tuesday, practice AP writing prompt on Wednesday, and a check test on Invisible Man today. (A check test is the kind of...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 12-06-2007
  • Oh college.

    This morning, I go to take my last SAT. Last weekend was the last ACT. And now, today, the last standardized test I will have to take for all of this stupid college stuff. God. Finally. Then when I get home, it's editing up my college essay a bit so that I can chat with my english teacher about it...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 11-03-2007
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