Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

So. Freaking. TIRED.

Man. I haven't blogged in a bit, now have I?

We've had tests basically every day in English this week. Practice AP multiple choice on Monday, test on three memorized poems on Tuesday, practice AP writing prompt on Wednesday, and a check test on Invisible Man today. (A check test is the kind of test we have on whatever books we read for class. In involves writing about the significance five of six (or in today's case, seven) topics from the book, and then identifying five of six (or in today's case, all five) quotes. They suck, these tests, but I've gotten better at them. We surprisingly got all hour for it today, but I still managed to finish early. I don't understand how people can write for so long on tests! I usually just want to get it over with.)

Anyway. Here is how that went, discussed in a chat between me and Saskia:

Amy: so how was your day, dear saskia?
Saskia: busy busy
Saskia: took the test :(
Saskia: went to mmsk and that's how i got the name of that one person
Saskia: for us to contact
Saskia: and you?
Amy: EXCITING about that, by the way. what exactly is it again? :/
Amy: mine was... eh
Amy: i woke up two hours early this morning to finish IMAN
Amy: i skimmed the epilogue right before the bell rang
Amy: i think i did okay on the test
Saskia: umm deville told me to contact someone about a local authors signing
Amy: but then i had no book to read all day. gross!!
Saskia: which woul dbe with some other local authors
Saskia: hah
Saskia: the other version of the test i would have rocked at but i failed the one i got because it was all stuff i wasn't as familiar with
Amy: aw :(
Amy: chitterlings or yams?
Saskia: yams
Saskia: WHAT.
Amy: i wanted to talk about yams, but i got chitterlings
Saskia: NO.
Saskia: hah
Amy: yeah, i mentioned yams and then um connected the two
Amy: haha
Saskia: yeah that was the only a+ part of it :|
Saskia: nice.
Saskia: and by a+ i mean something i had a clue about
Amy: reading that part in the book made me REALLY want yams
Amy: omg
Saskia: i totally blanked about who reinhart was
Saskia: :|
Saskia: i got him a little confused with bledsoe :|
Amy: was that one of the choices?
Saskia: no
Saskia: but reinhartism was
Saskia: which i realize now is the state of being invisble
Amy: i didn't get the whole rinehart thing in the book.
Amy: it went over my head.
Saskia: but i got him confised with bledsoe's personality
Amy: i didn't get how it went with invisibility
Amy: the connect? not there.

Yeah, last night I still had about 250 pages of the book to read. I read maybe 100, 150, and then fell asleep. This morning, I woke up at 4:30, read a little, slept a little, read a lot, and finally "finished" the book. (But to be honest, I probably would have blown off the epilogue even if I had finished it last week. Too preachy.) Good book, but I would have enjoyed it more had I not rushed it. I'm not usually this bad with my books for school — but usually, the books aren't so freaking long!

But no matter. I'm just happy that now I can choose my next book to read! This should be delightful.

Well, off to novelize and wait for Ugly Betty to come on! (By the way, Gossip Girl last night? INTENSE OMG.)

OH! I didn't make callbacks for the musical — as I suspected — and I was contemplating not being in it, remembering my atrocious dancing abilities and all — but I think I'll do it. I mean, last chance, right? Right.
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