Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Enough with the snow days already!

Seriously, we have another snow day today. A one- or two-hour delay, I might have been okay with. But a snow day?! It doesn't look like the roads are even that bad! And as far as I know, all we got was snow — not our usual ice. Ugh! At this rate, I'm not going to graduate before June (and definitely not before the country fair), and it's looking like graduation will be held on the football field, not in Rupp Arena. What the crap. Whyyy? Why do they suddenly get so snow day-happy my senior year?! It was nice the first two or so, but now it's just annoying. Bleh!
You know how, at least in public school (and maybe in private school, I don't really know), they're required to have monthly fire drills, which tend to be really annoying because you never know when to expect them and chances are it's going to be raining or something?

I can now say that in all my years of public schooling, I actually experienced a real fire, meaning a real fire alarm at school.

Yeah, yesterday, second hour, Mr. Strohmeier runs in, "We need your fire extinguisher!" Mrs. Minor gets it for him and he's halfway across the room when the fire alarm goes off. There's a very distinct groan as we know it's too late, we actually have to go outside — and Nick informs us that it's raining (as he's just walked in late — and apparently he saw the smoke in the bathroom down the hall as he walked to class). Yes, because some idiot decided to light something on fire in the bathroom, the entire school was forced out of the building into the rain, where we stood for, oh, maybe thirty minutes or so. Then, we were ushered into the gym (which is in another building) and had to sit for around fifteenish minutes before we were allowed to go back to second hour, where we stayed until the bell for fourth hour rang. Yeah, we skipped third hour completely.

As amusing as it was at first ("Wow! An actual fire!" — we're really not all that fazed by these things, I guess), it simply turned into annoying once we realized we'd be outside for a while.

What a year to load up on AP classes, right? Five or six snow days and a fire! Wow! What luck. Um.

Mrs. Minor made light of it, though: "Those private school kids don't get stories like these! You go to college and they'll all be wanting the dirt on public school!"
Yesterday, after orchestra rehearsal, Michelle and I took the bus (I used LexTran for the first time ever, haha) downtown and then walked to Third Street Stuff, where we consumed delicious food items and wrote a song called "Ollivander and Me." Honestly, it's the cutest song we've written so far, haha. The only thing we need now is a xylophone, because the chorus will not be complete without a cutesy xylophone transition. We're so stoked for our March 10th show (with the Remus Lupins, what!). We just need to get cracking on putting together songs and a set list, because for the few days before the 10th, we'll be in Disney World with our orchestra class, so we'll have no time to put together songs (unless Michelle finds a way to bring her guitar to Disney, haha). Well, we'll get it together. Eventually.
We had to write a poem recently about something ugly. Of course, I wrote yet another stupid thing involving the internet (an ongoing theme in my english class for me, I guess). I'm not sure if it really qualifies as ugly, but I wrote about Wikipedia's murder of the fanpage (inspired by this post). Maybe you'll enjoy it, haha.

Skeet Ulrich, circa 1998,
not even a trace of frames anymore,
cast across the floor
alongside Calvin & Hobbes,
X-eyes and frayed seams

starshine backgrounds replaced
with the most horrific of phrases:
"Bandwidth Exceeded"

taken down with the Wiki sword:
Enchanted Forest, its magic no more
Television City unplugged and sparkless
Hollywood set ablaze by its own starburst effects

no more independence
only flocking to one place
the Mecca of fandom
Wikipedia, the death of individuality
GeoCities, your pages no more



jocelynp said:

School is often disrupted. Usually, I enjoy that. Except, like you said, when it is freezing cold or raining or something and you have to stand outside for a long time.

Things My School Has Been Cancelled For: Snow, cold, ice, floods, rain, chemical spills

Things my school has been evacuated for: odd smells (which no one ever figured out. smelled like gas, kind of. wasn't gas.), bomb threats, fire drills, false alarms, construction incidents resulting in fire, welding resulting in fire, burning food in the cafeteria resulting in fire, arson resulting in fire, chemistry fires

Things my school has been put on lockdown for: gun threats, bomb threats (so leave us in the school, smart, right?), escaped convicts (many times, oddly)

February 27, 2008 10:14 PM