Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Oh college.

This morning, I go to take my last SAT. Last weekend was the last ACT. And now, today, the last standardized test I will have to take for all of this stupid college stuff.

God. Finally.

Then when I get home, it's editing up my college essay a bit so that I can chat with my english teacher about it (his grading system for mine: Snape would give it a C, McGonagall a B, and he and Dumbledore both an A. ROCK!). I also need to change one or two things on my supplements. And then figure out which apps I can hit submit for on Monday after chatting with my english teacher. Hopefully I can submit by then... hmmm.

I am so ready to get this over with.

But it's been pretty smooth sailing, really. I've had most of my stuff finished since end of September (except for one application — freakin' non-Common App school), and have only been waiting to talk to my english teacher about my college essay — we turned them in as an assignment, else I would have talked to him way back in August. Oh, I also need an analytical paper for two of my supplements. SO annoying. One of the schools, they're pretty flexible with what they want, but the other — well, they're just annoying. Three to five pages — does that count with my having written two pages and then a third page is my sources cited? And then it just says — okay. I just reread what it actually says and, um, did it always say this? If you do not have an example which best represents your ability to write analytically feel free to create and submit an essay on a complex question of your own design. Hmmmm. So I can write whatever I want?! Lessee... what should I write about....

Time for breakfast!
Published Nov 03 2007, 06:30 AM by amyh
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jordynt said:


Makes me glad I opted for doing the first two years at community college.

November 3, 2007 10:46 AM

amyh said:

I guess I make it sound a little more scary than it is, haha. I'm way ahead of a lot of my friends — hitting submit so early on? I already knew where I was applying back in August, thank goodness, and had written almost everything I needed by the beginning of October. These last few things are just taking <i>forever</i> to get finished. Starting early on my application process was probably the smartest move I've ever made — I'm not really stressing out at all about colleges. (Except for this stupid analytical paper. Remind me again why I'm applying to Hampshire and SLC? Oh yeah, because I love the schools. Silly Amy. Loving things that seem to hate her. XD)

November 4, 2007 9:06 AM

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