Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I love how weird I get, haha.

Since we finished Crime and Punishment, I've developed a much more serene attitude. Perhaps it's because our next unit is poetry, meaning we don't have to read any novels until after spring break! It most likely has a lot to do with the fact that I can now read whatever I do so desire. I finished A Great and Terrible Beauty the other day and am now nearing completion on Rebels Angels — finally, finally I can read The Sweet Far Thing! And then The Psychology of Joss Whedon! And who knows how many other books! Oh, this is so exciting. Books, books, I love books!

Of course, another thing continuously drags me away from the joys of reading. It's called the computer. I love the internets and I love musics and I love love love , um. Yamapi. WAIT. THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY. But whatever. It's out once more. First on the blog it was Spring Awakening, now it's Yamapi. What next? Who knows! Oh dear! But since I'm on the subject, let me link you to two videos:

Gomen ne Juliet: I heard this song and saw this video and my adoration was cemented. Oh dear. So beautiful, though *_* (do I mean the song, or Yamapi? Oh who knows...).

I ZA NA I ZU KI: I decided that I needed to venture away from Yamapi a little bit and so I got more into his band (ahaha), NEWS. This song is so fantastic! And Yamapi's dance at the beginning: wonderful! Even though he looks a little funny in his skirt-thing. And Shige's lip action on "kuchizuke wo," oh man. SO MUCH FUN TO IMITATE. (And now I sound like a lunatic. But ah well.)

I often wonder, "Do I blab too much about my obsessions on my RED blog?" Most likely. But then I click the link to view my blog and see that it says, "Maybe I'm a little too obsessive." So maybe my obsessions are like the main theme of this blog. That makes it all okay, right?

I shouldn't be watching Yamapi videos right now. No, I should be thinking of an absurd topic or event or idea or object for English. We have to write up why it's absurd and the like. Maybe I could choose obsessions... except that's way too, um. I'm not sure. Weird? Yeah, yeah, weird. And I'm not sure I want my entire class knowing how crazy obsessive I get, er.

Lauren says I should write about Buffy. That would be lovely.

Hmm. I should get off of here and, well, do my homework. Shame on you, Amy! Shame! Allowing the computer to drag you from your responsibilities!

Oh, but before I go: I'm super happy because I got word last night that I'm one of the six semifinalists for the arts scholarship (full tuition!) at Juniata. Rock :). Now to prepare myself for the interview on the twenty-second. How fun >.<
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