Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Grades: I should probably feel more upset, but I'm surprisingly content.

So yes, today I spent basically the entire day at Third Street Stuff, the local quirky coffee shop, with Saskia. We did homework, read, etc. I finished The Town And The City — by Jack Kerouac, which kind of disappointed me as I expected this epic wonderful thing and instead, about a third of the way through it began to annoy me incredibly, and though I enjoyed the first third and was okay with the ending, it was very difficult to make myself finish it — and wrote a little bit and attempted some of my chemistry homework. (I wish Chemistry was still as easy as it had been sophomore year. Yes, that was what we call "baby Chemistry." AP Chem? Way over my head. Oops. But I pulled off a B this past semester! Much to my happiness.) Before I dive into Crime & Punishment (running out of time here!), I'm going to read Devilish by Maureen Johnson, which Saskia lent to me and which I should be able to knock out in a day. Maureen Johnson is so cool, haha.

Since I heard back from two schools over winter break — Transylvania University and Wittenberg University — about my acceptance, I have been going nuts over letters from more schools. Especially Juniata at the moment, as I also really want the arts scholarship I applied for — I sent them a crapload of stuff for my portfolio: two Literatures CDs, the past three years' copies of my school's literary magazine, an excerpt from my novel, two other poems, one other short story, a copy of RED, and the recommendation that Amy G wrote for me). Yeah, I sent them a lot, so they better give me the full ride, haha. I also went out to UPS on the third and the portfolio had to be postmarked for the fourth, so I really cut it close there. I'll know if I'm being considered for the scholarship if I'm invited up for an interview on February 25th (please please please!) (but why a Monday? Hello, seniors kind of have school). God, I want that scholarship. How amazing would it be to get a full ride? So amazing.

Speaking of grades (well, up there in that first paragraph), report cards came in the mail today. Four As, one B and a C. God, that C is so stupid. Calculus. Hate math. I'm just not very good at it — although I do try, I swear I do. It just... the material just doesn't stay in my head, you know? But the C balanced out with the abundance of As! (The GPA stays good so long as I have two As to balance out one C. If my calculations are correct, that should be a 3.5 for the semester? Although I'm most likely wrong — my C was in Calculus.) I'm pretty proud of this past semester, actually. The math grade isn't very good, no, but overall it might actually be my best semester, as it's the most As I've gotten within one semester before. Should actually be good for my GPA! And it's especially good that my first semester of senior year is my best, showing that I have improved over the years — I screwed up majorly my second semester freshman year. So though I would have liked for that C to be a B, well, I'm still pretty happy with my grades. I mean, it's too late to do anything about them, so why freak out? Just gotta focus on this next semester, this next summer, and finally college next fall.

Plus, Mr. Liimatta, my English teacher, left the best comment I've ever received on a report card: "Harry and the Potters rock." No one else has ever had a cooler report card. No one.

Hope you all don't mind two posts in one day. ;) I actually just wanted to blog to let everyone know about the comment Mr. Liimatta left. So happy-making!


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