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Sarah and I just got back from NY a few hours ago. With my new brown camera (my favorite color) I took a total of 161 pictures! As soon as we got home we went over to our friend's house and we just lounged around talking. A few other people joined us so we decided to share the stories from our amazing trip.


  • Our Flight was delayed 2 hours because "we, the passengers" failed to board the plane fast enough so we missed our window. It of course had nothing to do with the fact that the flight attendants started boarding the plane 15 minutes before the window closed. /end sarcasm.
  • I took the window seat and Sarah and I spent the plane ride taking ridiculous pictures of ourselves. We kept on snickering because they were so funny and I guess the woman in front of us was getting annoyed. xD The woman sitting in back of me, however, she must have that thing where you can't control the sound level of your voice, because when she started talking on her phone, I swear, the WHOLE plane could hear her. And she was sitting right behind me. Glorious. It was pretty amusing though when she shouted, "You are my savior! My guardian angel!". It must have turned a few heads.
  • I was re-reading some of my favorite 'Red' essays and then I really wanted to read the comics in the newspaper, but my Dad, who was sitting across the plane, had it. So I tried to tell to him but he couldn't hear me. Then we played charades!!! I mimed '1 word' and then 'sounds like' and made it look like I was reading the newspaper. And then Sarah shouts out, "COMICS!". She is the only one who could get that Newspaper sounds like comics in charades. But that's why we're twins. xD
  • Did you know that NY does their construction at night because it's apparently too busy in the day?! I swear they were knocking down the building next to us at like 2 in the morning!


  • Bright and early we woke up to tour NY. It was a rainy day but we walked down to Times Square. We saw where they filmed Oprah and the Late Show, we visited the M&M store, I bought a cool purple zip-up hoodie that says 'New York' on it, and we watched the pickitters on broadway. Really a shame that they had to go on strike this weekend. I am all for the writers and stagehands, but I really wanted to see 'Chicago' on Broadway. :(
  • When it was getting late, we high-tailed it back to the hotel to get ready for the party. Sarah did my hair, and I love her for putting up with my crankiness because it failed to cooperate. We had to be at the party at 4:30, but my Dad thought it would be OK to leave at 4:00. We stood outside for 20 minutes trying to get a taxi, so we abandoned that thought and ran to take the subway - not smart if your wearing heels. After taking the subway we had to walk 7 blocks to Elizabeth street! My feet were killing me. This one guy said, "Oh, Happy Birthday!" to us as we walked by, lol.
  • The party was so amazing! Amy did a really good job setting it up. Sarah and I finally met Lisa Chau! You rock Lisa, don't party too hard when you get back to Michigan :P Those egg rolls at the party were yummy. I ate like 6 of those lip cookies though because the girls who made them kept shoving them in my face, lol. But they needed to get rid of them. Good cookies, for sure. Oh ya! Katrin Wiens, the graphic designer for Redthebook.com introduced me to John, the webmaster, because I told her how much I wanted to be a web designer so he gave me his contact info and told me about a possible internship with his company. I was so ecstatic :D
  • On the walk home my feet were killing me so bad I almost couldn't walk anymore. My dad offered me his socks to walk in, but I really didn't like the thought of walking in NY without shoes on. So I dealt with it and pushed on.


  • Our sight-seeing day. :)
  • We started off heading towards 5th ave. Prada, Burberry, all that good stuff. Labels don't really mean that much to me, so I wasn't all, "Oh em gee I must go into Prada and buy a $4394039483 bag that I am going to use 4 times and then never look at again", so we never went in to any of those stores. We saw the Trump building! Good ol' Donald.
  • Right across the street was Abercrombie & Fitch and unlike the stores in Michigan where all they have are large pictures of models, they had REAL MODELS. There were two of them holding the door and welcoming us in, and then there was one where his sole purpose was to stand there looking sexy and taking pictures with ooglie-eyed girls - including Sarah and I, of course. We named him 8-pack, because that is what he had. :) Oh happy days.
  • A little later on we browsed Canal St. I bought a cute red-strawberry pendant necklace and some star and moon earings. The strawberries also came in black and white, and my dad thought they looked really cute so we wanted to go back and buy the other two as well, but we were all getting hungry and we were going to meet a friend for dinner.
  • The friend treated us to Dinner in Little Italy! I enjoyed a large bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo Con Pollo (with chicken) and Sarah had some salmon-type thing, I think. It was some kind of fishy substance, at least.


  • Last day in NY :(
  • Before our check out at 1pm, we did soem last minuted sightseeing.
  • We took a horse ride through Central Park - that was fun. My father has ALWAYS wanted to do that. Sarah and I really wanted to see those yummy Abercrombie models again so we walked back and got another picture with 8-pack. We stroke up some friendly conversation and after the picture I told him he had very nice abs. xD
  • We went into a few more stores and after this one, my Dad goes, "Oh ***!" and my mother and I both turn to look at him. He started babbling on about some store he forgot to go into and all the while neither of us are paying attention to Sarah going, "Dad? Dad! DAD!?". Finally we turn and look and ask her what and she says "Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU just walked by!!!!!". It was true, Mariska Hargitay walked right by us with her husband and baby. I got to see her from behind, but I was downright pissed at Sarah and my Dad for missing it. :( I love SVU.
  • On the flight home I snoozed the whole way. It went by pretty quickly actually.

Now for some much needed sleep. New York was amazing. What a trip. :D


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