Dane Cook, Su-Fi!

-GRRR! Sarah! She went to see DANE COOK today! I am so jelous. But that's ok, as long as she had a good time, right? Im over it. :)


I went to see Enchanted! Lol, surprisingly, it was a really great movie! Funny. I love Giselle's dress that she made from the curtains (the greenish-blue one) and I love her long, princessy hair. Ive been in the process of growing my hair out too. Long hair is so beautiful to me. But I need to learn how to style my hair when I wear it down so it doesnt look like im an emo or goth, lol. My hair is thick so if it gets really long and I wear it down it might hide me in it. I'll look like Cousin It.


-I mean, Dane Cook! Really! No, no, good for her.


I cant believe Thanksgiving is already over. It's almost Christmas! The school year is just blowing by. Ill be a senior and off to college before I can blink.


-Seeing Dane Cook AND Mariska Hargitay! In the SAME WEEK! Geez!


Hey, its only been a week since we were in New York. It seems like that was forever ago. Crazy what these little vacations do to you.


-She better have taken pictures. Thats what I gave her my camera for.


But shes not the one going on a cruise come this February! Hahaha! No, I'll actually miss her. It wont be as much fun. Ill be stuck either alone, with my parents, or forced to be with Ben and his newly found drinking buddies (not). You know what really bothers me? I dont get this. Whenever we go on a cruise, Ben -always- finds himself these 'friends'. These friends that are just like him. Smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, you name it. A big group of them too! They all rally together. Is that how you become cool? And this happens wherever we go.  In the past, every year for like 6 years we went to this summer camp in Canada. Everyone loved Ben. The counselors were his biggest fans. And the crazy part is this camp is Christian-based (even though our family isnt very religious, we just went because of the programs). So these counselors are supposed to be role-models, right?. Well if that is so, why do they support a kid so set on ruining his life? Sure, they liked Sarah and I, but not as much as Ben because we werent 'crazy'. We didnt set our porch on fire. We didnt sneak money to our counselors on their day off to buy us booze. We didnt have a clear disregard for the rules. But please dont think Sarah and I as 'goody-goodies".


Here is the fact plain and simple: Sarah and I dont need to be drunk or high to have a good time. And that seems to be the problem with a lot of teenagers these days. We have the personalities to keep our friends entertained. I guess some people just cant stand to be around other people without being out of their minds. That is just sad. Some of you may disagree, I have afterall, never been drunk or high so maybe I just dont know. But to me, I would much rather be high off friendship or laughter or love. The love of being around people who make me laugh purely off their own god-given humor instead of on some drug that makes anything look funny.


Ahh, Dane Cook. :)



jordynt said:

Hee hee, Cousin It. My dad used to call me Cousin It because of my long hair and how I can completely hide my face in it. Lol.

November 24, 2007 9:09 PM

jordynt said:

Oh, and on finding the "wrong crowd" to hang out with. That's what happens a lot of times (sadly) when you don't take the time to wait and find people who don't get involved in those types of activities. I too have never drank or done drugs and I'm not going too. I've never hung out with people like that either, but I have seen kids, unsure of themselves, starting at a new school, whatever, get sucked into the "bad" crowd simply because they don't have anyone else to hang out with and those kids will accept anyone. It's sad. But anyways. That's all what I had to say on the subject.

November 24, 2007 9:12 PM