Yesterday my marching band held a fundraiser at Mongolian BBQ to raise money to send us to Washington (we were invited to play in their memorial day parade! HUGE honor, seriously).


We had guest grillers of course: Our band director, our old, middle school band director, the MAYOR! and I think someone's dad as well. I think we were seriously jipped though. We got all the money from the tip jars between like 6 pm and 8 pm. Now, because of the band, the place was PACKED. No way in hell could Mongolian BBQ get that many people to eat there on a monday night. We should have recieved a cut of the profits. But anyways, some of the boys also went around the restaurant singing carols! They made about $100 in tips, no joke! We also sold lots of raffle tickets for the 50/50 and cookies and other merchandise like "Yea Band!" pins, lol. We made about $2000. Not bad, but we should have gotten more. :\


I have decided that I really want more piercings. Now, don't flip out, I don't mean anything like my tongue or my nose or even my belly button. Just more on my ears. I already have my lobes pierced, and I persuaded my mother to let me get the cartiladge pierced in my right ear. Just my right ear. So my head is all lop-sided in terms of # of earings. She wont let me get anymore until im 18. I have come VERY close to just getting some ice cubes, alcohol and a needle and doing it myself, but from what I've read online, piercing your cartilade at home is very risky. SOOO.... my grandmother and my uncle are coming to stay with us for christmas and I am going to try to persuade my grandmother to take me to get AT LEAST the other ear done. If im really lucky I may be able to get one more in the right and then 2 in the left, but that may be pushing it. My ears just look weird right now. I bought a 12-pair set of earings yesterday from Hot Topic, they were on clearance for like $4. Lol, I have a little yellow ducky in right now xD


Sarah is trying to convince me to get "sweep-to-the-side bangs". She was playing with my hair on the couch and she's like "OMG Hannah! DONT MOVE!", while she ran to get her camera phone and take a picture to show me how I look with them. I think I look like a man, but she loves it and says it's just because im not used to it.


Yesterday I was lying on the couch and Ben came over and layed next to me with his head on my elbow. He smelled so badly of cigarettes. I wanted to say "Get the f*** off me, you smell like cancer", not to mention the fact his friend stole my ipod and he never said sorry for it, but I just didnt. I dont like being mean, well, sometimes. No, almost all of the time. Im just a nice person (and very humble, cant you tell? lol)


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