Dont make me do it!

I decided to blog about this because it has to do with Red.


I had a dream last night where it was the day Sarah, Lisa, and I had to do our readings at Borders. Except, Lisa wasnt there (instead there were like 2 other kids from my school reading from Chicken Soup, dont ask me why) and we weren't at Borders. We were actually supposed to be reading in front of our ENTIRE school in the auditorium, lol. Amy was in my dream too (yea!) and she handed me Red with a few little notes in it because I wasnt supposed to read my entire essay. So Sarah and I are sitting, waiting for our turn and I wanted to go and read my essay to myself so I look for my book and I cant find it! So im slightly freaking out that I cant find my book and then I go into another dream. But in the back of my mind I remember that we are reading at borders in front of a smaller crowd, and I calm down a little. It's kind of weird that I had this dream though because Im not actually nervous of reading at Borders. Im not. Seriously. But reading in front of my whole school, yea that would be extremely scary (Dont make me do it, Amy! lol)


Oh, and Sarah and I should get the award for best daughters on the face of the planet. We should, really. It was our Dad's birthday yesterday and I actually hadn't done any of my christmas shopping yet, period. So Sarah and I went to the bank, I grabbed $60 and Sarah, $20 so we could have lunch. We ate lunch and then we were going to go to Kmart because that's where I saw Sarah's christmas present. Sarah was driving but she missed the turn onto the right street so she went on the next one which happened to be I-94, lol. Then she missed the exit we were supposed to get off at so she took the next one  and we didnt know which way to turn so we took this really odd street which happened to bring us to this one strip mall about 2 minutes from our house. Crazy. So we went into Target to look around instead, I grabbed Sarah's present, but then we spotted this ping pong table on sale for like $109.99. Our dad LOVES ping pong and he has always wanted a table. We only had about $66 in cash, but we also had like $50 in target giftcards from our sweet 16 party. Low and behold, we were like $3 short of that ping pong table. Good thing we were 2 minutes from our house!!!!!! So Sarah drove home, grabbed the extra cash and we bought the ping pong table for our dad. Oh yes. lol, Sarah's car is a Cabrio convertable, and the only way it would fit in our car is if we drove with the top down, lol. In like 30 degreee whether. xD So we drove the table to our Dad's work where they were having the staff christmas party and we showed it to him and he was thrilled. :D


That ping pong table almost seemed like fate, didnt it? OH! and I forgot to mention, when we went to eat, we went to this coney island and they were having a special on hummous, which I love. So I wanted to get some hummous but they were out. But if I did get hummous, we would have been about $7 short of the price instead, and I dont know, we might have not gotten it because we were that much farther away from the price. You never know. :o lol


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