2 + 2 = ...5?

So, Sam's blog got me to thinking... She said, "...we are born into our religions, we only believe what we believe through way of teaching." I agree with her 100%. My parents have different religions and they chose to bring up their children without shoving any religion down their throat. My sister and I both do not believe in God, nor do we affiliate ourselves with any religion. To summarize our beliefs, it would have to be that we hope for something beyond what we have. I think it was yesterday actually, I was waiting for Sarah to finish pit orchestra rehearsal, I was sitting alone listening to my ipod in a practice room and I don't quite remember how I got to it, but I started thinking about death. When I die, what will happen with my mind? All I could think of was oblivion. I was thinking about the non-existance of heaven, if there is no heaven, my soul, my mind, will just, go out. No thoughts, ultimately, nothing. I started to feel very uncomfortable, I was even getting a little hot. I didnt want to think about it anymore, but then, lol, "Higher" by Creed started playing on my ipod. Ironic, if anything. :p But anyways, I guess that is why Sarah and I choose to hope instead of believe.


 Now here is the part where I start to get shuuuuunned.

Another thought, in form of a question: Do you believe that if a person is left to themself in the real world, they may willing believe in the Bible?


I ask this because, while I have never read the Bible, all it's teachings and beliefs that are preached just seem the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Like, no normal person living in the real world today would pick up the Bible and call it nothing other than fiction. And the people that take the Bible literally, that is just sad. But then again, the Bible was written to be taken literally, as an honest truth, so if you are not going to believe it literally, then why are you believing it at all? There is just so much hard fact and evidence that alternate things came into being and created our world. People believe both. They have to. It reminds me a lot of 1984 and "doublethink". To hold two simultaneos beliefs that contradict each other, yet believe both. In 1984, 2 + 2 = 5. In the Bible, God created the world in 6 days and on the 6th day he created humans.


I guess that is as far as I will go into it...


In other news, Sarah and I gave that presentation I was talking about on Brave New World. It went really well. And when we were finished, I was surprised at what people were saying about our website. Our teacher, Ms. Shmidt, said something alongs the lines of, "Omigod! I am SO impressed! What talent you have! I MUST get a copy of this website so I can use it as an example in later years"... or something, lol. And then a classmate of mine asked me what I used to create it and I told her I dont use programs, I hand-code everything. Well, apparently like 6 other people were listening to our conversation and when I said that they were all like " WOW!!!! You coded it?! Using html, right?! MAN! How did you learn it!?", they went on and on. Lol, alright, done bragging. xD


Sarah goes to Spain in less than a month! Crazy o.o


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