DDID - Don't Do Illegal Drugs.

Ahh! Finally back and writing! I sort of forgot my login info which is why I haven't blogged in forever and a day, heheh! /end stupid.


A LOT has been happening lately. Um, I got a job? That isn't really news since I have been working for, let's see, 8 months? It's a pretty sweet set up, really. I work for my city at City Hall, in the GIS/MIS Department. It's all computer stuff, some data entry but mostly working with GIS technology called ArcMap, as well as a small amount of web design. :D

Oh! Sarah and I got into Michigan State University! I am suuuuper excited. Our parents are very iffy on the subject though, because we did apply and get accepted into a few community colleges which we could go to for practically free, and I got an $8,000 scholarship to one of them. We just don't have the money to pay for both of us going to MSU without putting ourselves in some major dept for years to come.

A small ray of hope, perhaps? I have devised a plan that hopefully will be picked up and take off. I don't want to reveal too much until I get the ball rolling, but all you REDs will be playing a large part in it, so be ready. :)

And I guess I should vent on the brother front? Well he did indeed graduate from high school. It was close though, he walked, but he had to go to summer school to get his diploma. He was arrested for I think drunk driving? Or it could have been drugs...yea, I'm pretty sure it was drugs. He was picked up and taken home by police because of drunk driving, though. THE GOOD NEWS! He moved to Florida! Sarah and I have been soooo happy now that he is out of our hair. Oh, but some more bad news, and this actually happened today, this morning: He was arrested again! This time for possession of marijuana, apparently. Heheh, he just won't ever learn, will he? It's not a hard concept: Don't Do Illegal Drugs - DDID, for short. We should make t-shirts! Coffee mugs! Frisbees! We can drive around at night and throw them to all the crackheads in Detroit! As long as we're driving a fast car, bullet-proof, preferably.

Congrats President Obama! :D (I couldn't vote *sniff*)

I heard on the radio a few days ago that he passed a new tax on cigarettes that will go towards children's health care. That really made my day, he is so great. I hope my brother enjoys the new tax. (Haha! Suckaaaa) :P

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