Go get some fiends!

 My brother and I got into a little 'tiff today carried out through texting. A "texting-tiff", if you will.


We went back and forth for a few texts, and finally he spouts this little beauty:

"oh and get some friends"

Now, Sarah and I are both very familiar with this comment, because it is the ONLY comeback he has, which he has been using for close to 2 years. It has never been a good comeback, considering Sarah and I both have a considerable amount of friends, more than he, actually.


But the funniest thing was that in his text, while he meant to say "friends" he wrote "fiends". So he thinks I should go get some fiends. Obviously, I doubled over with laughter, along with Sarah after I showed it to her. In a way, he is right, I have plenty of friends, but I have a serious lack of fiends. Thanks for the advice, bro.



Published Feb 09 2009, 03:29 PM by hannahm
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