What if I killed someone?

 This month my school started this new policy that they are trying.


Every Wednesday, instead of school starting at 7:20am, all students will arrive at school an hour later, 8:20, and every class will have 10 minutes taken off, so we still leave school at 2:15. The purpose of this is so teachers can spend one hour every week meeting with each other and organizing their stuff/curriculum/drinking coffee and talking about stupid things their students say.


Now, my first 3 classes are not at my high school, but a different building where students from the 3 public high schools come and they have classes for specialization, such as web design, GIS, health science, hospitality, dental assistant, etc.


SO... because not all 3 of the high schools are doing this new policy, the kids who attend still must arrive at 7:20, however we get an hour in the middle of the day after 3rd hour because everyone else is just starting 3rd hour when we finish.


So far I have not disliked this policy, only because now I get to go out to lunch with some of my friends and relax. Today we went to Bob Evans (so not my choice).


But anyways, today in World Civilization (the class with all the ignorant people), we were talking about England's government in the 1600s and when they introduced Habeas Corpus. In trying to explain Habeas Corpus to the class accurately, my teacher was unaware that he would be bombarded with such questions as being arrested for drugs and killing people for close to 20 minutes. Someone should have warned him.


AND I KID YOU NOT - At one point he actually looked to me with a sort of pleading expression on his face.


For some reason the class just could not grasp the concept. And what they didn't get was that everyone, no matter the circumstances, has the right to habeas corpus. So the questions they were asking him were ALL "what ifs".

"What if I killed someone in front of a police officer?"

- You have habeas corpus

"What if I smoked crack on tv?"

- You have habeas corpus

"What if I don't get habeas corpus?"

- Then you are free to leave after a certain period of time if you have not been brought before a judge.

"Even if I killed somone in front of a police officer?"

- Yes, because of habeas corpus.

"I don't get it. You can just leave?"


...and it just went on forever. Geez people, go watch Law and Order.




Last night I made cookies for my 5th hour French class. I messed up making them the first time because I added too much sugar, but they turned out well the second time. They were a big hit, thankfully. I wasn't able to taste the cookies before I gave them out because I wanted to make sure I had enough for everyone, and If I ate one I thought someone would be left out. But, even though I gave one to a non-5th-hour-french-friend, and one kid in my class took 2 cookies, I had enough where even I could eat one. They were ok tasting, but everyone said they really liked them, so I'm happy. Im the kind of person that doesn't like fresh-baked-"right out of the oven" cookies. I like cookies that have been sitting for 2 days and then you pop them in the microwave for 13-and-a-half seconds.


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