My '25 Things'

1. I have had an exorbant amount of grey hairs since I was about 9. One time I was having lunch at this coney island and the waitress says to me "Oh my gosh, I don't know how to tell you this, but you have a ton of grey hairs" and I was just like "Uh, yea, I know. Thanks". :P


2. Sometimes I feel my life is so boring that I would rather stay in bed and dream all day.


3. When I watch hockey games I start daydreaming that I am the worlds greatest hockey goalie and I am the first woman to be signed to the NHL. GO Wings! lol xD

4. The last time I ate a hotdog I was about 3 or 4 and I ralfed it up everywhere.

5. I have many secrets (yes, even ones you don't know, Sarah) *dun dun duuuun*

6. Sometimes I will be thinking about random things, and all of a sudden I will become paranoid that someone is reading my mind. Then I start to think about how weird it is that the person reading my mind is hearing me think about how I think someone is reading my mind and then I start thinking about how the person who is reading my mind is hearing me think about how they are reading my mind and I am thinking that they are reading my mind. Or something. It is an endless cycle; a downward spiral into oblivion.

7. Sarah and I like to play a game where she or I say a quote from a movie/tv show and then the other has to guess the movie/show. I almost always know the answer except when she says stupid quotes like from commercials I haven't seen or she doesn't say it right.

8. I like companionable silences. I don't like being forced to think of something to say just for your comfort, so if I have nothing to say, I wont say anything, and I dont expect you to either. I can tell when you are uncomfortable and are fishing for conversation points, but it rather annoys me when you ask. Then when you really cant think of anything to say and I notice how unconfortable you are, I start to laugh, which, convieniently, gives you something to talk about, ie. "What's so funny?".

9. When I hug people I usually inhale, which happens to give me a whiff of your body scent. Some people are like, "Did you just smell me?" Yes, I did. Got a problem with that?

10. I can't think of enough things to put into this right now, so ill come back to it tomorrow.

11. I was bitten by one of my old dogs when I was a year old and I have these horrible white scars on my upper lip and to the right of my chin. Most people don't notice them, but sometimes they bother me. :\

12. One time, Sarah and I were being stupid and driving around in a golf cart when we decided to go really fast and drive standing up over these little hills. Sarah made a sharp turn and I flew out of the golf cart, breaking my left wrist. However, to not get into even more trouble we told everyone that we were just driving and Sarah made a sharp turn and I fell out. Don't tell my parents. lol!

13. I have a Beta fish that I named Tampon. No, he isn't red.

14. Whenever I go to the movies, I always fold and rip my ticket into the smallest possible rectangles/squares I can - all of equal sizes. Then, I drop them on the floor and wonder about what the people who clean the floors say when they see a rather large pile of tiny, equal sized ticket rippings. I imagine that everytime they find this pile they say "We got another one!" and all the movie theaters in the area that I have "hit" have a hotline they call to report this event and there is a Wanted Poster of me somewhere in the storage rooms.

15. The two things I hate the most are gremlins and getting papercuts.


16. I wish I could draw - well.


17. Whenever I wear a long-sleeved t-shirt, I push my sleeves up to my elbows, even if it is really cold outside. I also don't wear rings or bracelets - ever. I hate having things like that 'in the way'.


18. I prefer silver over gold. I love necklaces because they are the only jewelry I wear, and all of them are silver. For this past Christmas, I asked my father for a silver MSU 'Sparty' helmet necklace, and one time I went on his computer to print something out and found an auction he was bidding on of a /gold/ MSU necklace and I told him as nicely as I could that I don't like gold and he got really mad at me and threatened to get me nothing for christmas. However, my mother talked some sense into him because she knew for a fact that I don't like gold.


19. My favorite color is brown. Not poop brown, but dark, dark brown. Like "interior decorating brown"


20. I used to love winter because I love skiing, but it has pretty much ruined my life, as of late. Now, I love summer. :)


21. I prefer brunette boys to blond ones any day of the week. If you stand 2 identical guys next to each other, one with blond hair and the other brown, you can guess which one I would choose. yummy.


22. I wish I was skinny like Sarah. THERE, OK!? I SAID IT.


23. My favorite part of the day used to be the early morning, during spring, while on the bus ride to school I could watch the painted sunrise. In the winter, however, it is still shit dark.


24. I am glad I am finally at #24 because it has taken me 4 days to think of 25 things to write about myself. At least, things I could say.


25. I say "I love you" more than anyone I know. I also call almost all of my friends "Lover". However, I really, really do mean it. And while a few of them think its weird, and only a handful say it back, I still say it because I want them to understood how much they mean to me.



lisac said:

i love the fact that you inhale when hugging. i like to do that too! only i do it because i actually want to smell the person hahaha.

tampon hahahhaa i like weird pet names. tampon is a great one, you don't hear that everyday. or ever. fyi my future yorkie is going to be named "cornchip," and my future pomeranian will be "marshmallow."

i wish i had more time to read everyone's blog/write blogs. this is fun. it's definitely 4 in the morning right now.

April 7, 2009 12:51 AM