Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Nearly finished now.

I'm not quite finished with the book yet (school keeps getting in the way, ew) but I had to come on here and say two things before going off to finish. (I have two, three, four left?)

Reading these essays, this words, these thoughts, it's crazy because all I can think when I finish each one is: Me? Me I'm in this book, this amazing book with all of these other amazing writers, this book that I would buy even if my name wasn't in the table of contents, this book that I would make me squeal even if my own words didn't grace its pages.

Also, I feel a little bad and thus feel the need to mention this: I've been reading the blog entries and such on here, but commenting? Holy crap am I bad at commenting. On LJ even, I only really comment on a few blogs. But I'm reading the posts on he re! And anytime someone has mentioned me and my essay, I just have to say: I love you. Haha. I've read both of your essays by now and yes, they were amazing, and oh my god yes they made me think and sit and wonder.

Okay. Maybe when I've finished the book and have made it back home (writing this up at school right now, er), I will have more to say. Until then! Bye :)

Published Oct 12 2007, 02:27 PM by amyh
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beccam said:

haha. don't feel bad about not commenting. i'm usually not so good about commenting either, but I'm really trying haha.

October 12, 2007 7:24 PM

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