Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Site design sketch!

So we've seen the sketch of the future site — I have to say, I adore it. Shades of red, beautiful, boxy — I'm a sucker for squares (perhaps because I tend to be one — ha!).

We're supposed to be giving suggestions for what we might like to see out of this site. I'm thinking that it might be easier to give ideas and such once that initial design is up and running — probably because, well, the way the site is now... it contributes nothing to my imagination. It's just so bland! I'm eager for excitement!

Also, though, I'm not entirely sure what to expect out of this site. Obviously, we'll each get blogs to let people in on our lives "post-RED," but, um, what else? Maybe I'll go check out other book and author pages. Then get back here with links and ideas? Ooh, that sounds like fun, actually....

Oh, am I allowed to ask when the new design will be up? Certainly not up and finished, but at least up for us to try out? No rush, I mean — I'm just super-excited after seeing that sketch. :D

Off to do some research! Hee.

Me: can i ask you a question?
Me: say you decided you wanted to visit the RED site — what sort of stuff would you want to see on there? (how general... but we're supposed to be coming up with ideas and such, and i am STUCK.)
Vincent: stuff about the writers
Vincent: i like the idea of you all talking about each of your essays
Vincent: and maybe everyone have like a follow-up on the essays or something

As thankful as I was that Vincent answered my question and all, I think that all of that is a given. Haha. But I do agree, this all is stuff that I definitely would want to read. I'm very curious as to what all the other Red authors are up to!

I honestly didn't find a lot of author websites that stood out features-wise. (Some of them were particularly pretty — but I'm very partial to the design that Katrin's posted, hee.) But seeing tons of websites did spark a few ideas.

• Videos and/or Gallery — We're supposed to be very wary of safety, putting ourselves out there, etc. However, perhaps pictures of the party, things each of us have done to commemorate Red (the t-shirts Saskia and I did, pictures of us receiving our books, etc.). Plus, I've lately been fascinated with video blogs (I heart Brotherhood 2.0, and I know some of our own writers do their own vlogs!), and I think it would be SO fun to have a page for any of the writer who want to do Red- or writing-related vlogs.

• Message Board — I know we already have a forum; however, it seems a little less accessible than a regular forum. I usually think of forums as you click on a topic and there is every post, perhaps within a few pages. Ours is very... well. You have to individually click on each response. It's a bit annoying. o_o

• "For Writers" — A lot of authors have a little tips page for writers. Usually theirs are about how to get published. If we had a "for writers" page, it probably wouldn't have publishing tips, but I think it would be nice to have a page for every teenage writer about there. This idea is definitely not very developed, but it's a nice little thought.

• Soundtracks (and other media?) — I know there's going to be a Red CD (how exciting!). But it would also be kind of neat to see what music, and even other movies and books, inspire each Red writer. I know that iTunes has iMixes that you can post for people to purchase — and some authors definitely use those (for instance, E. Lockhart and Lara M. Zeises) — so, for any writer willing to create one, we could each possibly make iMixes, or just lists of artists/songs (and books, movies) that inspired us in writing our essays and/or current projects.

Lastly, I went out and actually bought the issue of Vanity Fair that contains the blurb about Red. Seeing it made me so giddy!
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AmyG said:

All fantastic ideas, Amy—and every one of them, I think, site features we have in the works. Sorry, again, know we're all having to kind of use our imagination with this current structure/site, squint a lot and imagine what the future can bring...

But hey, one suggestion, perfect and ready-made for you, Ms. Amy H: Why don't you post some version of your followup (weight lost) essay, the second one you'd sent me? I love it, and it killed me no room to publish it properly, alongside your original essay, in the book. Now we have a place for it! Or as much of it as you feel like posting?

October 15, 2007 9:04 AM