Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Man oh mannnn.

Only one more day of school this week — then our "fall break" which is really just a four day weekend (all my teachers keep calling it a fall break, but to me it isn't a break unless it's a week off). And how am I spending my two days off? College visiting, yes! I guess it could be enjoyable, except that I have to do my interviews, and I'm not that fond of interviews. It also doesn't help that I've been sick this week.

I just finished reading Party of One by Anneli Rufus. We had to read a book for my AP Psych class, write a review on it, blah blah. Overall, the book sort of annoyed me, but it did make me realize that hey, it's not bad to not really like human interaction all that much. The only downside is that the world is made up of mostly social creatures. And unfortunately, social creatures tend to get a better heads up in the world than solitary creatures, no matter how much more qualified the solitary creature is. Yeah. Sucks.

I'm not really a loner. But I'm not a nonloner, either (that would be Rufus' term — nonloner sounds odd, but it works, I guess). Perhaps that's one reason why the book sort of bothered me — I can see the world from either viewpoint, and so when Rufus would make sweeping generalizations, it bugged the crap out of me. Anyway, I can be social when put in the right situation — say, my interviewer is super cool and asks the right questions and engages me — but usually, I'm quiet and like to listen and soak in information. What's so wrong with listening? Honestly, it's a skill that a lot of people these days lack.

Sigh. I would elaborate more here, except I have to go read some Psych and the memorize a poem for English. Sucksss. But such is the life of a student!

Oh, and happy Ally Week!


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