Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Oh, love!

Not much to say, really. Tomorrow, I leave for college visits, which should be... well. We'll just see.

Two things to mention, though.

1) Gossip Girl. I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH GOSSIP GIRL RIGHT NOW. Namely Penn Badgley, the superattractive guy who plays Dan. Saskia and I kind of want to find a shooting location of the show and stalk our favorite actors >.> WE'RE NOT REALLY THIS CREEPY. We're just kind of obsessive. And in love. Um. XD

2) This afternoon, the tickets for SPRING AWAKENING arrived in my e-mail inbox! Oh, excitement! Hayley, Saskia and I are going to see Spring Awakening on the Saturday we'll all be in NYC. It's gonna rock our socks off (assuming we'll be wearing socks).

I was going to leave you with a music video, but apparently I can't embed YouTube vids? Oh well. Just go and look up Spring Awakening. Maybe you'll fall in love, too ;) (AND BY THE WAY, ALL THE GOSSIP GIRL EPISODES ARE UP ON YOUTUBE. You all should go watch that, too. XD)


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