Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Sous le soleil exactement

I purchased the issue of Vanity Fair that mentions RED. It's just a little paragraph, but it's astounding: we're in Vanity Fair!

I also thought it was superneat that we're in an issue with the Kennedys on the cover. I have this small fascination with the Kennedys (yes, as does much of the country, Amy), so knowing that we can be put alongside the Kennedys is pretty freaking awesome.

But what really got me? What drove me nuts with excitement about being in this specific issue of Vanity Fair?


I've never ever seen an article in an actual magazine that talks about Serge. His daughter Charlotte, yes, and Charlotte might mention him, but an article just about him? Never! So when I turn the page and see Serge and Jane Birkin on the page, flip and see that there are multiple pages with multiple pictures and an article!, well, I go a little nuts.

Serge Gainsbourg is kind of one of my hugest inspirations. I don't have to be fluent in french (god do I want to, though!) to know that his lyrics and music are amazing, to know that he was so ahead of his times and the minds of his listeners. He spans decades and genres, and really was the epitome of cool. Who doesn't want to be as cool as him?

Man oh man oh man. This just excites me so much. We're in a magazine that talks about Serge Gainsbourg! Ahh ah ah! We are as cool as Serge Gainsbourg, you guys!


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