Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.


Getting closer now: closer to the release date (I have a test on Macbeth that day, ewies), closer to the release party.

Saskia and I need to finalize plans, figure out what we're doing, when we're going to get cool clothes for party and such.

I'm so deathly curious as to who is going to be at this party, writer-wise. Some of my favorite authors live in/around NYC. How cool would it be to meet them?!

(I'm also deathly curious as to the layout of this site! How's it going? I'm getting so impatient to see its beauty, haha.)

Until then, I'll be watching the World Series (13 to 1! I love my Red Sox), Ugly Betty (oh, Henry!), Chuck (oh, Chuck! ha) and Gossip Girl (wtf Nate's dad! and how I love Penn Badgley, drool).

I know I need to be staying on track, especially now in my senior year. But as November 8th and 15th approach, my mind begins to wander much more often.

I need to calm down! And plan out what I'm going to talk about when I talk to Saskia's group of kids about songwriting. That should be so. much. fun. (Except that I'm terrible with little kids. I just can't say no!)
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