Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Doing my civic duty.

I can't vote yet. Not old enough — though I will be for the presidential primaries come May. I wish I could vote, though, as we've got some pretty important elections in my state today.

But I am doing my civic duty! Both for the voters and for my orchestra, haha. See, the orchestra's going to Disney World next semester, and so we're doing tons of fundraisers to raise money. At a few schools today, we're doing bake sales — selling lovely baked goods to the lovely voters, hehe.

May is going to be so cool. It's funny, I never really cared that much about getting my license, about driving — what's supposed to be a rite-of-passage for a teenager! I've still only got my permit, and I've driven once (yes, only once, and I've had my permit for a year and a half, haha). I really didn't like it. (Note to self: when grown up, live in a city where you don't need a car, only public transportation). But voting! That's really something I've been looking forward to my whole life. And since it's finally approaching, I'm actually paying attention to the candidates, deciding who I think would be the best for the job, etc. (I'm definitely going to be voting John Edwards. Yeah!)

But man, would I still love to vote today. 


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