Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.


Um, Enrique Iglesias is on America's Next Top Model tonight! He is so attractive. Lordy. I want to be in a music video with him... ha. Of course, I had to turn on a song of his when I saw him come onscreen. Whoo. Fiiiine.


But! That's not what I was going to post about. (Man. This blog probably makes me out to be REALLY REALLY hormonal. ...maybe I sort of am. But! I do more than obsess over attractive people! I swear!)


No no, I'm blogging because THE LAYOUT! It is GORGEOUS!


And the book comes out TOMORROW! I told my dad that he's taking me to the bookstore so that we can see if it's already up and such. Heee. So excited.


Mmm. Maybe I'll have more to add later. Commercial break is over! 


Oh whoa whoa! Gossip Girl tonight? INTENSE. Penn Badgley? Still hot. But, um. Blair? Chuck? WHOAHOHO! (That is my word of the day, I think. Maybe that's my Gossip Girl word.)


Wow. This is probably the stupidest entry ever. Huh. 



hannahm said:

I love ANTM. :) Sarah and I watch it every week! Heather is our hero, but we are scared she is slipping because of her awkward social-ness. :( Poor Heather. If she could get past it, she would be an amazing model.

November 19, 2007 7:22 PM