Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

And all shall know the wonder

Oh man. Being back home. It's kind of tough. I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I want to get right back on a plane up to NYC.

Let's talk, I guess, about Saturday.

Saskia and I woke up early (well, she did — I woke up normal time — and I still woke up before her, er, haha) so that we could head out to a bakery down the street to get breakfast. Cheese danish, mmm. Then around 11:30ish, Amy G, Peter, Saskia and I all headed out to Peanut Butter & Company, the restaurant I had most wanted to eat at. I got Jerry Seinfeld's Comedy Special (peanut butter + honey + cinnamon on a bagel — SO MESSY) and a vanilla egg cream. Amy got THE SAME THING. Amys are freaking awesome.

Before catching the cab to Altar Boyz, the four of us detoured through to Washington Square Park and found this trio of guys performing, um, stuff? They were really rather offensive. But so hilarious.

But Altar Boyz. Amazing. Holy crap. Hilarious. Mannn. I loved it so much. (JUAN IS SUCH EYE-CANDY, WHOOOOOO. Ow!) (And Matthew pointed at me during "Something About You," oh my gosh! I make him want to wait! Hahaha. Oh man.) Afterwards, Saskia and I got our picture taken onstage with them. Even though they were all sweaty and gross, I was like, "MMM MUST TOUCH." Man oh man. They were hot stufffff.

Saskia and I proceeded to wander for a few hours. She splurged on her sister's birthday present, and we walked and walked and walked. During dinner, I realized that the next morning, I would be leaving NYC. A harsh blow, because I realized that being up there felt right. It felt good. I felt free. I felt wonderful. And I'm sure that after a while, those feelings wear off — but while they're there, you want them to last! And I didn't want those feelings to end. Man. Being up in NYC had me smiling and ecstatic and happy! And having to leave? Well. I had a definite Moment then: this is all real. And real things do end eventually. Sigh.

Then, 7:00ish, Saskia and I wound our way back to the Eugene O'Neill theater, ready to wait for the actors to show up and sing, sign, etc. It gets to be 7:30 and where are they? Then word comes around that they aren't showing. They now do not have to. And suddenly, my one last chance to get this Spring Awakening experience is RIPPED AWAY. This! Is! Not! Fair! Walking away to find street with cabs and such, I'm chatting with Saskia and trying so hard not to burst out sobbing. (It's kind of funny, I guess, how much this devastated me. I mean, it's only a musical, right? But... I don't know. Sometimes you just feel so strongly towards something, and when you don't get it you feel like everything absolutely hates you. Bleh. Bad explanation. But I'm sure you get the picture.) My eyes are tearing up in the cab and all I want to do is get back and finish packing, probably sleep, just get my mind away from the devastation that was Spring Awakening.

I call Amy G in the stairwell, letting her know we're back, and she says they're watching their recording of the Project Runway premiere. I tell Saskia once we've dropped our stuff and she's like, "Okay. Let's go." We head next door, tell them about our day, and watch Project Runway. Peter is too hilarious: he keeps criticizing it, and Amy is just brushing it off, "He says he hates it, but he always watches it!" ("Only because Amy does!" he responds.) We all talk about RED, about what it would be like to put a boys book together (would there be a wide range of submissions? would guys even submit?), and when Amy catches Peter being critical again, we joke about putting together a book with essays by grumpy forty-year old men. It would be called "Gray" (or is it spelled with an e?). ("These are the best shades of gray," and they would all be complaints about reality tv, music, teenagers, etc. Oh man. So funny.) Then, after Project Runway ended, they made us watch the last four episodes of the first season of Heroes. Now, I have never really seen any episode of Heroes before this. But after watching these eps, I NEED TO WATCH THEM ALL. (Thank you, Amy and Peter. You have sparked more obsession in me.) We joked a little about how Saskia would be going off to write about "HOW THEY MADE HER WATCH TV OMGZZ" and then all headed over to the next apartment to box up some lips cookies for Saskia and I to bring home. (A whole plate left over! And we got to take a bunch!)

Saturday night was set up to be so horrible: no Spring Awakening, and having to leave in the morning! But hanging out and just watching tv with Amy and Peter? So happy-making. They kept apologizing about only watching tv, but trust me: I am no party girl. I much prefer staying in and hanging out. You don't need to plan for that! And by the time Saturday night rolled around, I was ready to sit back and soak in everything that had happened the past few days.

Leaving this morning was indeed difficult. Driving to the airport, Saskia and I didn't really talk. I stared out the window, wishing that that freak blizzard had hit. But alas, it did not. And now I am home, and must face school tomorrow.

At least it's only a two-day school week, right?

I need to convince my dad to let me go back up to NYC next month. I need to see Spring Awakening. NEED. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

THIS JUST IN: I HATE VINCENT A LOT. His sister is marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, so his whole family is going up there this week. WELL, GUESS WHO IS SINGING IN SAID PARADE? LEA MICHELE AND JONATHAN GROFF. Whyyyyyyy! Sheesh.

Time to go finish homework. And work on my Altar Boyz critique for orchestra.
Now we don't believe in hurtin' or in haaaatin'/'Cause that's the kind of stuff that leads to Saaaatan!


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