Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Pictures + Music + I don't really have much of anything to say, but who cares?

1) I created a syndicated account on LiveJournal of the blogs on here, for those of you who want to keep track of everybody's posts through LJ, and for all of your friends, too ;) Spread the RED! Ahaha.

2) Who else has listened to the RED soundtrack yet? I have to say that holy crap, I love it so much. I also just got Jingle Spells in the mail the other day, so every day now I'm listening to the line-up of Spring Awakening, the RED soundtrack, and Jingle Spells. Maybe a few other things in there (Benjamin Biolay, Serge Gainsbourg, MIKA), but mostly those choosings.

3) I also made a RED wallpaper for my computer a while back. Its size may not match up with your computer's resolution (mine is set at 1280x800), but you may want to snatch it anyway? :)

4) Over the next few entries, I think I'll be posting pictures from NYC and such. Just because, um, I can?

At Joseph-Beth, we're on the shelf next to a HUGE Harry Potter display! So cool. So cool.

We're in the current issue of Teen Vogue. Along with...

The Spring Awakening Gap ad, WHAT!

We came across it in NYC. Oh man. They're all so pretty.

I'm sure you can imagine my devastation over not being able to see the show, due to strikers. And the actors didn't even show up that evening! (They were apparently there earlier in the day. Why does my luck suck!!)

Saskia and I did get to see a musical though.

We saw Altar Boyz, and afterwards we got to nab a picture with them onstage. (Juan was fiiiiiiine! Mmm!)



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