Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I think I post too often. Yes? No?

Asthma is pretty much the stupidest disease ever. Simply the development of a slight cold manages to trigger an asthma attack, so here I sit, wheezing away and watching While You Were Out. Luckily, my asthma doesn't really act up that often anymore — not really since I was eight and had to spend a few days in the hospital (which actually still seems like such a random decision, as if the doctor always hospitalized children suffering asthma — to me, it was just another attack, no different from any previous ones). But since attacks are so infrequent now, when one does strike, it is so annoying. I can function just fine except for that whole breathing thing. Bleh.

I've been listening a lot to the RED soundtrack, and I have to say that two songs on there have absolutely grabbed me: "Broken Ship" and "Another Life." Suddenly, I want so much more music from each of the artists. Oh man. It's nuts. Last night, I even introduced one of my friends, Chungyen, to the Denizen Kane track, and he was blown away, too. I love sharing music with friends who have the same love of it as I do. It's great because as I introduce him to artists, he does the same for me — and when I bring him one, he brings me about five. Chungyen is kind of my music god, haha.

I'm starting to worry myself how much I've been obsessing over Spring Awakening. I kind of never shut up about it (as you can certainly tell). And this got me thinking last night that, well, it's amazing how much of our lives we'll give away to obsessions and loves-of-right-now. This whole Spring Awakening thing I've got going on? I'm sure that twenty years from now, when I'm only listening to death metal (haha, that would be weird, actually...), I'll look back and say to myself, "Spring Awakening? What was — oh. That." And I'll reread all of these entries and wonder what crack I was on.

When Saskia and I were waiting to meet the cast on that horrid evening, a woman came up and stood beside us, talked to us a little. She had had on-stage tickets for the show that night and the next day — her fifth and sixth showings (or was it sixth and seventh?). And she had tickets for two weeks from then. She brought gifts for all of the cast members — something she does every time she sees them — and oh, she lives in Washington, D.C., so she takes the bus up every time she sees the show. Saskia thought she was very creepy, and though I agreed with her a little, I actually understood exactly where the woman was coming from. I do similar things for Harry and the Potters, after all. I see every Kentucky show, and would see every Ohio show, too, if I could drive. Last time I saw them, I brought them cupcakes. And Paul even remembers my name. Sometimes, you discover something that makes you change your view of the world — either only a little, or drastically — and living without it sounds frightening. I mean, if I lived closer to NYC, I would probably try to see Spring Awakening at least once a month. Because for some reason, without even seeing the show but just listening to the music, watching interviews and various clips on YouTube, something about the show has grabbed ahold of me, and living without it, not seeing it, makes me shiver and cower in the corner while all my friends point and smirk and wonder what my deal is.

Yeah. That's exactly what I've done. I've backed myself into this corner of crazyweird dependency. And the most frightening thing about it is that I recognize its stupidity and ridiculousness, and yet I continue to hold on for dear life.

I'll try to shut up about it from here on out. I will try to go five entries without talking about Spring Awakening. (Unless, of course, the strike ends and my dad says I can go see it! Um. Then there might be one post... just one... I swear....)

Yesterday, we ordered five copies of the book on Amazon: one to send to a school, one for Carrie (she used to work in my dad's lab, but recently left for Kansas), and three for various family members.

You know what really cracks me up about being on Amazon? This:

We're totally a classic! Haha. Oh man. Weird.

I have a few more pictures to post. They're rather random, but fun.

On the way to the bookstore reading, we were all worried about being late — but seeing this ginormous Gossip Girl ad soothed our nerves. Haha.

Poster at the bookstore :)

This would be the Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special (bagel with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon), from Peanut Butter & Company. Oh man. So messy and delicious. There's no better way to celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers' Month.



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mm. i just got hungry. -_-

November 26, 2007 10:14 AM